Saturday 22 December 2012

Xmas Lucky Letter Gifts @ *Ellette*

One of the great ladies in the group found this Great little find!

*Ellette* have 2 xmas fift box lucky thingies under the tree, catch your leter and get one of the great gifts.. 

theres a lotta gifts to get here
Firstly we have the Sexy Leather Dress
Red Earings
And Candy Cane with sparkles... Gotta love the sparkles

In this one im wearing 
 TheCatsuit, Purple


The hot summer outfit 
theres a lotta makeup option in the makeup prize and also some snowflake pasties that i didnt get around to snapping!

Some fantastic gifts and only available until December 26th so don;t wait, stalk them gifts NOW!

. all of the outfits come with Appliers for .. Lolas, Tango, pusups and Naturals, Mused, Sinfulneeds Vstring and Universal!

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