Tuesday 1 January 2013

ModaMia Gifts

I was bouncing around today Checking Hunt stop Landmarks when i went to further investigate ModaMia
And look at the goodies i found!

1, ModaMia Heart Break Goodie bag

25l to buy this bag, inside you get this shirt, with matching panites, and a Heartbreak Bikini too
Includes Tango Applier only

2, ModaMia Subby Group Gift

To get this click the subby board instore, and read the last notice " Happy New year "
Includes Tango Applier only

1, ModaMia Tango Gift  
Leopard Skin Top
Includes Tango Applier only

2,The Heart Bra
Another Freebie From Modamia
Includes Tango Applier only

All this goodness is on or around the main desk as you walk in
theres also a Promo gift bag, Shirts with their Logo on


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