Wednesday 2 October 2013

Don't Be Blind: Hunt for the Cure

This is a 10L per item hunt and all the money collected will be donated to Breast Cancer Connections.

Check where you wait to be served.

Enlight yourself.

TWO HEARTS that beat as one hold the prize you seek.

Go to the lucky letters.

Welcome to Wonderland.

This pink ribbon matches the pink shirt with the great cleavage inside.

Under the slope of darkness you can find me hiding in the corner.

Look left and low.

From East Coast to West Coast hunting for the cure as true color.

Look for the flowers.

This kitty supports hope and the fight against breast cancer.

Kitties love to play.

1) One step at a time.
2) I have a pretty twin.

Come warm yourself by the fire on the cool  fall days.

No Hint

Check your breasts in the mirror for irregularities as part of your monthly self exam.

Release your inner goddess.

Talk to Marilyn.

Just where you would expect to find me.

You will find me in the tropical heat.

Betty loves pink bows.

Sit down and tickle them ivories.

I know this hunt won't blow.

A withered little tree can still burst into life with love and care.

Hello Titty.

I must, I must, I must increase my bust! Some fluffy little cakes might help!

Find Monky.

Don't get scratched.

After being naughty, HOP your way to being nice and donate for Hunt of the Cure.

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