Wednesday 16 July 2014

Fishing for freebies at Sn@tch

Are you familiar with 7seas fishing? It's one of all those SL games you see all over the place. 
You buy a fishing rod, you cast out for fish and they come in different rarities, you can use bait etc.
What's interesting to me about fishing is that in some places you can fish for freebies!
Instructions for fishing on the bottom of the post. :-)

One of those place is Sn@tch and they currently have the Wide open skies set to fish for. 
This set comes in 22 pieces, they are transfer, so you can trade your doubles with other fishers.
The Sn@tch fishing prices always has a great many mix and match options so I'm only showing you some basics here. 
The set comes with two different tops, mesh tutu, stockings and mesh leggings as well as make-up, armbands and earrings.
Appliers: Tango, PhatAzz, WowMeh, Slink Physique, Slink feet

If you want this set, don't wait too long. Sn@tch usually changes their fishing prices every two weeks or so.

Now, to fish, you need a fishing rod. If you just want to try it out, you can get the Demo rod for 1$L, it give you 5 casts only, not great for an outfit with 22 pieces, but good if you want to try the game.
The Casual Rod cost 100$L, but you'll soon earn that back in freebies. 
If you really want to try out the game and not just get more clothes, I recommend investing in the pro rod for 250$L. This one has the, to me, great benefit of coming with one invisible version without animations. So your avi will just look to be sitting casually. :-)

Oh, and if you happen to see me in-world, hit me up for some trading. 
I have about a million doubles now. ;-)

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