Saturday 17 May 2014

Kiss My Couture

Kiss My Couture is a new shop offering 2 Group Gifts and lots of other smexiness!

Kiss My Couture Tee in Purple
 with Boobs, Butts and Body Appliers

Swim Suit with Side & Back Bows
 and Boobs, Butts and Body Appliers


Wednesday 14 May 2014

A Note from your Blogger

Hello Darlings,

Regretfully, I will not be posting as much as usual from here on out, but will continue to do special features. Life changes and so do we, my new illness is not allowing me to do what I have done before, and it is painful to change everything, but SL is changing fast, too. There are so many blogs and hunts out there these days for boobies and butts, it's no longer a matter of seeking hidden rare treasures as it was when I got my first prim Lolas back in October 2012 (right before Tangos were released...doh!). It has been becoming more and more of a monumental undertaking!
 I have been blogging on here since I was offered the opportunity last August and have learned many things and met many wonderful designers along the way, it really is a dedicated art form creating beautiful virtual clothing. Show them some love and know that free gifts truly are gifts of their own money and time.
I am grateful to have been at your service and blogged thousands upon thousands of free or nearly free boobie outfits and perhaps your inventories will scream and cry a bit less now lol. Please give me a shout if you have anything of interest for a possible feature post on Big Boobie Babes Freebies!


Xana (xxanaa Resident)

Monday 12 May 2014

The Shades of Pink Hunt

ARC & FN w/ Butt & Slink Appliers

Glitzz w/ Butt Appliers NO BOOBS

BDR w/ Butt, Baby Bump & Wowmeh Appliers

EZ's w/ Butt & LoudMouth Appliers



Saturday 10 May 2014

The Cotton Candy Hunt


L!ke w/ Butt Appliers

M&M Body Shapes

Bombshell w/ Butt & Slink Appliers


Morphine Skin

trs Tattoo w/ Butt Appliers

A*S w/ Butt Appliers

FRESH w/ Butt Appliers

UR Refined w/ Butt Appliers

Beauty is Pain Boutique w/ Butt Appliers


Glitzz w/ Butt Appliers NO BOOBS

Tabou Irresistible w/ Butt Appliers

BabyDoll w/ Butt Appliers

Abrasive w/ Butt Appliers

Pr!ck w/ Butt Appliers


Pulse w/ Butt Appliers

Que Bella w/ Butt & Slink Appliers

Hard Candy w/ Butt Appliers NO BOOBS

LDP w/ Butt Appliers

Panda Punx Skin w/ Butt, Slink, LoudMouth, Baby Bump Appliers

Tart Cake w/ Butt & Slink Appliers

Abrasive w/ Butt & Slink Appliers


Le Forme w/ Butt Appliers

Moon Inc w/ Butt Appliers

Pink Sugah w/ Butt Appliers

Buttery Toast w/ Butt & Slink Appliers

Epic w/ Butt Appliers

Forever Young


Bugz w/ Butt & Slink Appliers

Angels & Shadows

Barely Legal Couture w/ Butt & Slink Appliers

PrincessD w Butt Appliers

Static w/ Butt & Slink Appliers

Purple Candy w/ Butt & Slink Appliers

Love Zombie w/ Butt & Slink Appliers

Pervette Tattoo w/ Butt Appliers

D & G Fashions w/ Butt Appliers

Dotties w/ Butt Appliers

Luckie w/ Butt Appliers




Modanna w/ Butt Appliers

Bad Apple Designs

Sugar & Cyanide w/ Butt & Slink Appliers

Sovrin w/ Butt Appliers


Toxic High

WikcedNight w/ Butt Appliers

Pretty Liar Shorts w/ Butt Appliers