Monday 30 December 2013

Market Goodies

One of our Boobie Babes went to the trouble of finding lots of freebies and cheapies under 50L on Marketplace for us, these are from her notecard. 

TYSM QPon Catnap <3



Sunday 29 December 2013

Happy New Year Boobie Babes!!!!

Hello Lovelies,

As 2013 is fast coming to an end and our wonderful group is still growing daily I thought it would be nice to put out a celebratory New Years Eve Gifty to remind you all how much I love you :D

You can grab it at my mainstore, just pop along with your BBBF Tag on and it is all yours.

Wishing you all the best for 2014!



Saturday 28 December 2013

Marketplace T & A!

Radioactive latex black/yellow 

(appliers sold separately - free here)

<Kun> Brianna Camisk (Purple) Only 25! 1L

.:BTS:. Falling Backwards 1L

Latex Pink Suit 1L

::Envious:: Lingerie Set 1L

Ikwe Christmas Gift 2013


Many Gifties under the Tree @ S.L.A.D.

There is still time if you hurry to become the proud owner of all these creations that are totally free under the Christmas Tree. There are some more that I didn't show, too, such as a few skins and some socks and make up.

All of the below have tango and phat azz.


Friday 27 December 2013

Bare Rose Mini Treasure Hunt And CoCoChes

Wow, I thought this hunt didn't have appliers for any of them and i was dead wrong when i did it. Omg, i was blown away when i put them on. Wow and it has mesh attachments too. Go and do the hunt, its only here for a limited amount of time, Dec 23 – Jan 5. There are 4 items and additional item/attachment or thing that you can take with you but it's only optional. There is a small story that goes along with this hunt to get items, the story comes in different languages to help you. No start point for the Bare Rose Hunt, its a sim hunt. you need to click the Prayspeed board to get a notecard to start it.

There is Prefix for each AV on the Bare Rose Hunt. (Female) for female avatar, (Male) for male avatar, (Petite Female) for Female Yabusaka Petite Mesh Avatar, (Petite Male) for Male Yabusaka Petite Mesh Avatar,(Titan Female) for Female #QD# Colossi Titan Avatar, (Titan Male) for Male #QD# Colossi Titan Avatar, Tango Top Applier for Lolas Tango Applier, Phat Azz  Applier for  ** Phat Azz Applier, (Baby) for Yabusaka Baby Mesh Avatar
CoCoChes released these flag Monokini as a group gift, the past two gifts were the Brazilian Flag and the American Flag. So, i don't know what flag or design, she has next for the Monokini, maybe Sweden,Mexico, Germany or Argentina? I can only dream. :) By the way the group is free to join. So go now, its only here for TODAY, the Canadian Flag, GO GO GO. I wanted the Brazilian one but oh well. :(
It has appliers for the Lolas Tango and it has Sking and Phat Azz Appliers too. :D

Thursday 26 December 2013

The Long Way Hunt

The Long Way Hunt is a 1L per gift hunt and below I give you the boobie prizes, as always, mah boobie babes! Look for a small, red demon head.

1. Busty Boutique ~ Hint: By the bargains 

15. Slutwear by Lexi ~ Hint: Splish Splash, even daemons need a bath

22. Drop Dead Gorgeous Skins Hint: My nose is just as bright as Rudolph's

27. Laney's Hint: We'll have a SWINGing good time!

45. HolliPocket Hint: Cherry Haven!