Thursday 31 January 2013

:[Plastik]: Prezzies !


I logged in today and the first im i got was 
" New Gifts at the Store entrance " 
well along those lines 
so i rushed over to check it out and omg! look at these!

2 Shredded Dresses
Red and Cucumber

Like my growly face? haha

Both dresses come with Tango appliers and Tube top *Red* or Tank Top *Green* options

there is also this Gorgeous dress

its really a stunning dress i LOVE it! 

comes with the gloves too and a Tango applier!

find the box at the store entrance, its totally free!
there is also a 10L cheapies box with some fab jeans inside I'd grab that too lol

I got some new poses today too \o/ like em?

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Another hunt Item & Bazookas groupgift!

I started yesterday checking out some of the hunts that going on and i found a few i already posted yesterday that have appliers. I found another one! 
Its Britney Bitch!
This is the name of this sexy lingerie set, i'm thinking there gonna be alot of hot dates on
Valentine's day when wearing this!
( corset, tango applier, thong, stockings & gloves )
Its from the Pimp My Valentine Hunt and the hunt is 0L


This tube top called Strip Search and is the Februari groupgift to be found at Bazookas!
The appliers included are for Tango, lolas & lush.
While you are there be sure to slap the Midnight Mania board for the Leather & lace dress and also see if you get any luck with the lucky board that is filled with a few more sexy dresses!

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Groupgifts & i did some hunting!

Hello Ladies!
I know i been slacking today not feeling well but i did find you some hunt gifts because we were talking about it!
But first the groupgifts from ~PixyStix~  

Love this cute outfit with tango applier. And for those Petite avatars lovers out there?
Yes she included a version for the petite too!
Join the group and get it, what are you waiting for!
Also in her shop she still has the Kira Violet groupgift is a skin also with a skin applier,
 go get it before its gone!
Now the hunt items!
You all know Valentine's Day is on the way so loads of hunts out there. These two gifts coming up next are from the Bubbly Hearts Hunt. The hunt costs 1L and i been through the list and these were the only two items i could find with a applier.
 You can see them Valentine theme in this dress (tango applier).
One to wear while you on a day with that special someone ( haha).
Hint: Your Love Makes Me Feel Lucky

This a cute top ( tango applier) with leggin, sneakers and a hat ( my hair is too big to wear it :P)
Also to be found for 1L and if you join the group (10L fee) lots of other gifts to be found with tango appliers.
Hint: bad robot!

Here is the blog where i got the hunt items from Bubbly Hearts Hunt


Monday 28 January 2013

Group Gifts Galore!

Just a quickie before work
I think im getting addicted to this

Group Gift For February

Comes with so much i couldn't get it all in
earrings, shoes, 2 different styles of dress, gloves
and an applier for pretty much every boob i know \o/ 

Free to join Group

New Group Gift Skin

Comes with a Tango Applier!
Free to Join Group

Group gift

Mesh Corset 5 sizes, panties, Bra and stockings
Tango/Lush applier
Free To Join Group \o/
oh and there some matching boxers for your man too

Sunday 27 January 2013

Newness @ Rack City

Not only New boards but a Whole New Sim!

4 boards with all new gifts in them
all come with a tango/Lush and Lolas 2.5 Applier inside

All come in red as you can see
We have the Sleeze me Net cat suit
Lace lover Body suit
Leopard Cardigan
the Lace Crop Lingerie

Not only this but there is also a new group gift

TuxScuseMe BodySuit Red

includes Tango, Lush and Lolas 2.5 appliers
group fee 100L

Saturday 26 January 2013

Dolarbie & more freebies!

Hello again Ladies!
This outfit from ADN was on the MM board and if you missed it here is your chance to get it for only 1 linden!!
Dark Light dress appliers for Lolas! Natural, Push-up, Tango, Mused, eCorp
To be found on marketplace ( not sure they have it for same price in-world)  @ ADN

A store with sexy bikini's & she just started making Tango appliers!
Its a groupgift so you can join the group and get it from the wall
or join the subscriber and it will be deliverd to you!
To be found @ Faboo
Another cute bikini for free!
Aqua color with Tango applier for 0 Lindens
to be found on the desk @ L.Style
From Aubin x Chimo  a cute skin called
Sophia skin tan and it has Tango applier.
Groupjoiner (free)  at tp point but groupgift upstairs!

New found gift & MM board!

Morning Ladies!
I was browsing a bit on Marketplace ( i do that alot ) and i found this cute dress for 0 Lindens!
I tp'ed to the store and found the MM board!
Minidress Pois w/ Lolas Tango Applier
You can find the minidress Pois in this bag ( see pic above) on the ground inside the store.
This tp will take you directly to it! Gift bag @ EB Atelier
Serena red lingerie Big Knickers w/Applier Lolas Tango
Now get to slapping because this lingerie look so hot!
This tp will take you directly to MM board @ EB Atelier

Friday 25 January 2013

PixelDust and Major Pinkness!

Its Friday its the weekend and im hunting already

See what ive found! 


Why do my eyes close at the worst times and never when i want them too? 

3 things here to show you
Firstly pink hair
From Wasabi Pills 50L today only! also available in purple
fifty linden Friday special

The jeans are from T.A.R.A 
Totally free find them on the wall as you walk in to the left
6 sizes and a great colour

PixelDust Gatcha Paint splatters
lots of colours, 45L a go
Lolas 2.5 only

now thats a nice leader to my finds at PixelDust

all of these are group gifts, free to join group too \o/ 
find the boxes in the corner
Tango/Lush and Lolas 2.5 appliers for each

Xmas and Turkey day Gifties
I know its a bit late but hey their cute dam it!

The newest Gift is this dress its gorgeous!
Mesh lower in 5 sizes
Appliers for Tango/Lush and Lolas 2.5

Exclusive Midnight Mania dress!

To be found at Pink Sugah!
Hello Everyone! ( yay my first official blog)
This lovely purple dress called Cherish is a exclusive design from Pink Sugah.
The included appliers are for Tango & Lush.
Only to be found on the Midnight Mania board so go and slap it till you get it!
Taxi: Pink Sugah

Favors for Freebies?? lol

Gotta Love PatchWork Heart
They do all these freebies and never ask for anything in return... until now!
well really not asking much this time ether 

Check out the group Notices to find the recent Post form Deej
Freebies for a Favor
The bright lil bugger has come up with a cool new hud for their Appliers 
Its Fab, talk about neatness!

Simple yet affective!

So in the notices you can find this Cool trinket and  Free Naughty SixyNine Shirt to test it out!
What do ya think of the hud? Deej needs your feedback
Comment here or IM her inworld

Personally i LOVE it! so much neater no more 50 boxes in every PWH folder lol

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Renee India Gives out Prezzies!

Thank you Renee for putting out this fab top for us girls to celebrate 2000 Members! 

Monday 21 January 2013

OMG 2000 Members!

2000 Members!

Can you believe it
we started in December last year and see how much we have grown!
Its amazing! 
2000 Members is epic! fantastic overwhelming and utterly FAB!

Deej of PWH came up with this for us to celebrate with!

Be warned though its only up for 1 week!
then it will be replaced with something a little less WOW lol 

inside the bag you get:
A corset Jacket
The Tshirt
The arms bands
The wrist bands
Finger Gloves
and the Mesh Skirt in 5 sizes!

Appliers included:
BBusty, Lush, Vstring
Lolas! : Pushups, Naturals and Tango
Mused, MilkMaid and Full Breasts

you can find it on the Big Boobie Babes Freebie's Wall in the store
you need to have your group tag active to get it too

before i go I would really like to get a little smooshy and thank each and every one of you for your support!
Special thanx go out to all the fantastic designers in the group
Our sponsors Deej, Emms and Tara and Gelfy too 
and an extra snuggles for Justalady who is being a amazing help to me here on the blog as well as in the group! 
and our posting babes
Steph and Barbie

Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

Sunday 20 January 2013

Sunday Stuffs!

I was up way to early so i went hunting
See what i Caught!

I went to go see what Boobie things were in the 
and heres what i came up with 

There were 2 new Hunt gifts there 
First one is the Pimp my valentine
second is the " Fuck Em " shirt for the Beads for boobs Hunt
It says fuck em under my boobs btw :P 

Tango Only

Be Warned the hunt item is TINY! 
Great undies though
Comes with naughty and nice options

Tango only

I Found a Group Gift while i was there

and the hunt item
Great Gold Dress
Includes Necklace and shoes too 

Tango only!

M&M Body shapes is also in that hunt but at the time of posting thier hunt item wasnt set for sale :(

Saturday 19 January 2013

Great News From Tiny Things!

** Post Originally composed by and Posted on the Tiny things WebPage **

Goodbye limitations. Welcome Tiny Things Translators 

If you own BBusty Magnus Ubera or BBusty Evolution, here I bring you good news.

Now you can apply any Lolas Tango clothing or skin applier to the Magnus Ubera. It's a small HUD that makes the translation without need to touch anything, You only need to wear the translator and use the Lolas Appliers normally.

The BBusty Evolution owners will be able to use Universal Implants appliers, may need some manual adjustments but It will increase your clothing repertory to all stores supporting Universal Implants.

How much are these thingies? one billion of lindens, ehmm... I mean 1L$ :P.

Get them at the in-world store or at my marketplace store.

Tango translator here.

Universal Implants translator here.

Original Tiny Things Blog Post Click HERE

[[A.R.C.+F.N.]] Freebies!

This Store is kinda new to Tango Appliers 
but Dela was nice enough to offer up some gifties and an Exclusive Midnight Mania prize!

Free Gift #1
Free Gift #2

Exclusive Midnight Mania Prize

Enjoy Ladies

Look out for a 50% off Opening Sale in the next few days!

Friday 18 January 2013

Thursdays Finds!

Evening Ladies

So after a few hours bouncing though blogs and notices and things thrown at my head 
Ive got a few new things to show off!


new Lucky board Dress

Spotty, sexy and purple its Cool
Tango only!

Next we travel to

New Group Gifty!

Join the group easy with a click of the board at the LM point 
Group cost 69L but with gift like this its more than worth it and more
Boob appliers for Tango/Lush, Lolas 2.4, Mused and BBusty too \o/

Now I came across this hunt while i was bouncing around and with a little investigation i came up with the 2 items that are boobie friendly!

Both of them are Tango only just so ya know!

Cold Winter Nights Hunt

Fab Wooly dress with matching wooly stockings and suspenders

Mesh Skirt in 5 sizes and a cute lacey top too

thats it 
oh while i have your attention though.
I'm Going to be posting my pictures on my SL Profile Feed as i post them to flickr, please please please
Follow me on there and love my pictures any time you can, We need to get BBBF up on the trending pages as much as we can! 

Lets show SL boobie baese are the bestest!! 

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Boobie Planet Discount Event!

This event will rotate every 2 weeks and all items are priced under 80L \o/
So i figured I'd Feature it! 
Well i was asked personally to blog it too i was really chuffed..  Thankyou!

So heres a Selection of the stuff available as of Jan 15th! 

Stare Outfit
Includes Appliers for Tango, Pushups, Naturals Lolas

Sexy Set
Includes Appliers for Tango,

Cutie Creations
I like Candy Outfit
Sneakers included too
Includes Appliers for Tango,

D & G
India Dress
Includes Appliers for Tango

Hot Stuff
Jesse Jeans Outfit
Includes Appliers for Tango

Pink Sugah
Rapture Dress
Includes Appliers for Tango/Lush Lolas 2.5

Almost Classy Dress
Includes Appliers for Tango/Lush, Lolas 2.5

Open Wide
Includes Appliers for Tango/Lush

Get over yourself Dress 
Includes Appliers for Tango/Lush, Lolas 2.5

PatchWork Heart
Crop Top Set SuperMan
Lolas: Tango, Pushups, Naturals
Mused: Milk Maid, Full breast

Crop Top Set BatGirl
Lolas: Tango, Pushups, Naturals
Mused: Milk Maid, Full breast

Bathing Beauty
Includes Appliers for Tango/Lush

Ring Top with Lycra Pants
Includes Appliers for Tango/Lush

Boobie Planet Group Gifty!
Tango Applier
Join the group and slap the board

This is only a selection there are also some great skins and other items in the event Go Check it out!