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Monday, 18 March 2013

Tango layer switcher HUD

Niccola Biedermann has made a script that makes it possible to switch between layers or even wear two layers! In collaboration with Yetius they made a hud that works with the script now with just a click on the hud you can switch between layers.

The script was updated when the hud was made be sure you have version 0.3
Step 1
 Rez the tango breasts on the ground right click them and open edit window.
Drag the script from your inventory into your tango's.
Give it a minute to load the script. You will get this message:
 [01:22:01] Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine): Loading... you have patience, please
[01:22:51] Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (spine): The menu is ready
Step 2
Take the breasts back in to inventory and wear them & the hud.
The hud has four options click on the buttons to see what they do.
or you can use the local chat commands: /6BT show both bra and top
                                                             /6bT hide bra, show top
                                                             /6Bt  show Bra, hide top
                                              /6bt  hide both
The buttons:

The top & bra layers will become  visible. 
Only the top layer will become visible
Only the bra layer will be in visible 
All layers will be invisible.

Thank you Niccola & Yetius for making this possible and FREE for everyone to use!

Get your copy @ BBBF HQ

Tuesday, 5 Februari 2013

How to fix mesh hair alpha layers that clash with your boobs’ clothing?
Warning always make a copy first before you start editing, we are in no way responsible for anything that goes wrong doing these steps :P
There are many mesh hairs that fall nicely over your boobs and look perfect when you are naked… but they look messy when you put on a bra, a top, a dress or whatever. These hairs have alpha textures that make your boobs’ clothing layers disappear at some spots. After tinkering with my favourite hairs for a while, I’ve come up with three different methods to fix this terrible issue. None of those methods is perfect, of course, and some of them will work better than others, depending on the hair.
Original look of the hair
METHOD 1: Making the faces with alpha textures transparent
1.    Rez the hair on the ground, right click on it, select “Edit”.
2.    Click on “Select face”, then select “Texture”.
3.    Choose the face (or faces) that have alpha textures and clash with your boobs’ clothing. You can recognize the alpha textures from the transparency layer (grey and white squares) that shows in them.
4.    Next to the Texture and Color windows is the Transparency indicator: change it to 100%.
5.    Take the hair back to your inventory.
This method is the easiest one, but it makes the hair loose volume and part of its shape.
After Method 1
METHOD 2: Replacing the alpha textures with a non-alpha texture
1-3: Like in method 1.
4. Replace the alpha texture with a similar hair texture (with no alpha) from your inventory. You can find free hair textures in the marketplace, for example here:
There are some very nice hair textures available for only 10L too.
5.  Tint the face, using the Color window, until it looks as close as possible to the rest of the hair.
6. Take the hair back to your inventory.
This method is trickier, but with a little patience it can give amazing results... and if you like editing it’s also the most fun!
After Method 2
METHOD 3: Replacing all hair textures with a new one
1.    Like in methods 1 and 2.
2.    Select “Texture”.
3.    Replace the multiple textures with one hair texture (with no alpha) of your choice. Add color if you like.
4.    Take the hair back to your inventory.
After Method 1+2

This method is the most radical but it's really fast! Of course, using different textures you can make hairs of all the colours you want. If the hair has a ribbon, a hat or something like that, you can reapply the original texture using the HUD or the script the hair came with. If the hair didn’t come with retexture options, you will need to select the hair faces one by one to apply the new hair texture.
I hope this is helpful for some of you…
Of course, you can combine these methods: you can make some faces transparent and replace the textures of others, etc.
The drawback, obviously, is that replacing the alpha textures with non-alpha textures can make the hair look a little too solid or even a little clunky… but I warned you that none of these methods were perfect!
For those of you who are too blonde for this or too lazy to even bother, there is a fourth method: you can contact the creator of the hair and ask her to do the job for you! As the creators own the original textures, it’s easy for them to fix the hair (using method 2) without the need of tinting or anything. I contacted Catwa Clip, the creator of CaTwA Hair, and she kindly fixed the Ladymana hair for me (only for my favourite hair colour, of course). She gave me permission to talk about this to everybody, so I don’t think she will mind if some of you ask her to do the same trick for you! By the way, she told me she is using Lolas Tango herself now, and will be dealing with this issue in future releases…
Thank you Adur Gaelyth for sharing this with us!\0/

Saturday, 19 January 2013
Hello everyone!
We adding a new part to the website for all the tips & tricks for the boobies!
We got a few idea's but do you have any we missed?
 Leave a message on the website or contact Babs or me ( JustaLady) inworld we'll look into it!
 Did you know you can wear two layers on your boobs?

Warning: Always make a copy of your implants before editing!
First step wear the applier you want to be shown under your "Dress Top"
on the "Dress Bra"layer ( like pasties/bra/tattoo)
Then wear the top you want to wear on "Dress Top" ( See pic 1)
                        Right click on your implants and open your edit window
           On the left ontop you see "Edit Linked" select that
Now click on the top layer
Pull it down (See Pic 2)
    Click on your boobs again it will select the second layer which is the bra layer
On the edit window you select the "Texture tab"
Change the  transparency too 0%
The bra layer will now be visible!( See pic 3)
Click on the layer you moved down
Press Ctrl + Z and its back where it belongs ( See pic 4)
And you are done, enjoy!



Monday, 21 January 2013

Boob friendly hair?

We all seen the question asked in the group "Where can i get hair that doesn't get stuck in my boobs?" I'm going to try and post all those that we found that are "boob friendly", but always keep in mind we all have different sizes so for some they may work and for others not.
Here are some shops you can find some hair that goes over your boobs:


Alice Project












      Wasabi Pills


Keep a eye on this blog, more to come soon!

Boobie friendly AO's

Hey ladies a small addition to the tips page
What one do you get? are there any specially for boobs?

Well so far there seems to be 2 Ao's made with boobie wearing babes inmind

This one from Tuties

At only 350L
its really good I bought it myself 
not only does it go well with your boobs but also your curves
Not one animation had my hands sticking in my bum or my hips i loved it

There has also been a release from Vista animations

the Essence AO is another one made for the ample chested Avi

While the poses are ok, i personally find them a little stiff
It might just be my avi though.
also its made for skinny girls a lot of the poses had my hands stuffed in my sides, bum and hips :(
and at 1900L its the most expensive

There is also one from Vstring but ive not tried that but il update this as soon as ive been to play with it


  1. this page ROCKS! Just saying :P

  2. There are some very nice hairstyles, but I have noticed that even though the styles may be boob friendly, that is the case as long as you aren't moving much. Some animations, especially if you back is arched will send the hair straight out through your back and out your stomach.

    Safest bet for me, as it was before I became a 24/7 bewbie girl and as recommended to me by a photographer who had to battle strands of hair slicing through boobs on photo shoots, is to stick with hairstyles that brush the shoulders at most. Analog Dog has some nice styles, and just about everyone has some great shorter styles that don't make your head look like a pea

  3. You might mention Dr. Life as a hair vendor/designer that is "mostly" implant friendly. They sell a lot of ponytail and updo style hair (with an Oriental flavor) that in only a few cases drapes forward. Another possible source is ExXeSs - some of her mesh hair works well with ample bustlines.