Wednesday 29 May 2013

BBBHQ Freebie Wall of Goodies Thankyou!

have you been there recently? 
the Freebie wall is back up and running
anyone wanting to offer up a gift can do so.
its easy, theres a box in the middle of the shelves, buy one for 0L 
rez it on the ground, drop in your freebie and any other info you want to give like a notecard or LM to your main store
put the box on the shelf, texture the front, rename it and walk away!

check out the store already set up

QE Designs

[QE] Teenie Kini- Cuppycakes *BBB Exclusive*

Prim bows too, Tango and 2.5 applier included


one of 3 gifts in the box \o/
Tango applier


Rihanna dress blue

::Purple Candy::

Elements blue,red,coffee
one of 3 colours in the box
Tango applier

= Twisted Finials =

Skullyz Twisted Bikini for BBBF
Very cute Mesh Bikini
Size small fitted my bum!
Tango applier


Sweet as Candy - BBBHQ Gift
Tango applier

Thankyou so so much to all our generous designers
Il feature any additions when i see them go up
go get em girls.. then go buy something in their stores as a thankyou ^_^

Boobies Planet round 8

Here we go around another round of bargain hunting at 

as always we are listing only the under 50L items there are more to see but the blog limit is 50L

Rack City

All items 50L 
Appliers : Tango, 2.5, Mused and Ecorp

Lushish Catz

Appliers Tango, Lush, Puffy and BBusty

Fantasy Restraints

Appliers for Tango Lolas and BBusty

Appliers for Tango Lolas and BBusty

Amberlicious Designs

Outfit 49L
Appliers for Tango, Lush,Puffy,BBusty
and a 2.5

Appliers for Tango, Lush,Puffy,BBusty
and a 2.5

Hot Stuff

Outfit 50L
Appliers for Tango, Lush,Puffy,BBusty

( . Y . ) Tits Up ( . Y . )

Dress 50L
Appliers, Lush and Tango

Dress 50L
Appliers, Lush and Tango


Appliers for Tango

Pink Sugah

Mesh Dress triple pack
Appliers for Tango Lush
*Sponsor post*

Busty Boutique

Appliers for Tango Lush BBusty


Appliers for Tango and ?

Appliers for Tango and ? 


Appliers for Tango

Appliers for Tango

Holly Girl

Appliers for Tango Lush, Puffy, BBusty and Lolas 2.5

and thats it!

as i said there are more items in the sale but over our 50L budget so go along and check them all out.
Happy shopping

Hello All Our Lovely BBBF Ladies!!

Hello Ladies!!

My name is Rayona and I am here with my bestie Poneh to bring you the best in freebies,MM boards,group gifties and other awesome 50L and under deals for us beautiful big boobie babes! For our first post we are going to show you the latest MM board and group gift from Beautiful Dirty Rich!!
We are both really excited to be part of this awesome blog and group! We hope you all enjoy!

Poneh (in pink) is wearing:: Don't Look Back by Beautiful Dirty Rich. This outfit includes hat,dress in 2 versions,stockings,shoes and gloves,Lolas Tango appliers! . Also comes with a plain pink option as well. This outfit is the group gift this month and it's very sexy!
 Rayona (in blue) Is wearing:: Smexy Creature by Beautiful Dirty Rich. This outfit is an MM board gift. It comes with many different options as well as an option for either boots or heels! It comes dress,lolas tango appliers,tail & ears! 

We hope you enjoy ladies!

Sunday 26 May 2013

All newness!!


.::Pink Sugah::.

Tara has been busy remodeling the shop and now that she almost done you got to pay a visit to see it!
Holy crap i love the new shop!! Great  new look and all the shiny things \o/
 Charm was located on the same sim they now share the store location but they are sperate stores.
And well with all the changes she has refresh all the MM/Lucky/mini mania boards!!
Lets start off with these outfits Breath Play in gold & Let Her Go in red are both on the MM boards.
As most of you know her boards are all set to her group but its free to join.
Spin Spin Sugah is a mesh dress with applier and comes in 3 colors blue/pink/purple.
This whole pack can be won through the Mini Mania. Will you be the Lucky winner?
 Time to show some nipples!
This sexy outfit called Cannonball can be won on the Lucky board

Last but surely not the least is this dress Let Her Go in yellow for all the Boobie Babes!
Yes this is a special gift for the BBBF group so put your tag on and find the wall with all the BBBF posters cause thats where you will find this gift waiting for you!
Thank you Tara smooches \0/
While you are out there be sure to pay a visit to 
I was looking around and i guess i got hungry and found a banana!
Inside was this cute outfit! Its from the Hide & Seek hunt.
There no hints or location on the website but you will find a starting LM in this prize.
This hunt runs till end of May!
Don't forget to give this board a slap too.
Not many slaps needed to lock it so don't wait too long!
All these outfits have appliers for Lola's Tango. 

Monday 20 May 2013

Hunting time!

New hunt has started today called Black & White Cat hunt.
Hunt blog for if you want to do the whole hunt
It is a 5L hunt but you might find some for free!
Here you will find all the items i found with applier.


Hint Black Cat: ~ Check out my new wings! ~
Hint Black Cat ~I love the feel of silk~
 Set to 10 Lindens?

Hint Black and White Cat :~ Cats Sleep Anywhere.. Any Table.. Any CHAIR ~
2 gifts
Hint: White Cat ~ I'd Subscribe to that for sure ~
*Mousey*  Kitty Ring #29
GalafashionDesign  Black Kitty Nails #20


Hint Black Cat ~He's black and white and rather round. In his lap is where I'm found.~
Hint White Cat ~ One, two, three, four, five, six & seven... Eight, nine, ten & I make 11!

Hint White Cat ~ We just love GIFTS ~
(not set for sale yet)


Hint Black and White Cat ~ All kitties love prizes! ~
2 gift
Hint White Cat:~ Near a room, after the desk, you just might find the white! ~
Hint Black Cat: ~ Now if you're a bad kitty you may look in the back of the corner ~


Color Explosion Hunt
"facepalm" i was suppose to blog this loooong ago but i guess better late then never!
The hunt started May 1 and ends May 31 so still time to get it :P
Hunt blog :

.::Pink Sugah::.
Hint: Breakfast at Tiffanys.
Hint:Some kind of dummies could be surprising  …
What Do You Sell Hunt 2
This hunt also started on May 1 and runs till May 31
This is a 1 Linden hunt
 Hint: 22
 Hint: Showing my bad intentions
Hint: Will the question pop?
Sexy and I know it hunt
Started May 18 till June 2nd
This is a free hunt
Starting point
 Hint: Loving the Dark
Hint: I lost the item when i did the party...
Hint: My Boobs rule
Hint: I am being peaked on at a peep show
Hint: The clip board has pics and your prize
Hint: "i climb the light tree!"
Enjoy ladies!