Sunday 12 May 2013

Ding Ding...Part 2

{The Boobies Planet}

Boobieplanet has started another round so lets see which awesome bargains they have here.
Alot of bargains here to be found, the prices vary from 40L to 80L.
But lets see which ones are 50L or less .
 ::Rack City::
Denim Corset Zebra
Appliers included: Lola's Tango
Price :45 Lindens
Chain Me Yellow bodysuit
Appliers included: Lola's Tango/ 2.5, Mused, eCorp
Price: 50 Lindens
Lushish Catz
Princess top with matching sexy shorts
Appliers included: Lola's Tango, Lush, Puffy Bbusty
Price: 40 Lindens
Fantasy Restraints
Diamond Lingerie bra, panties and a belly chain
Appliers included: Mused, Universal, Lola's Tango, Sinful Needs
Price: 50 Lindens
Wrap around swimsuit
Appliers included: Lola's Tango
Price: 50 Lindens
 Anchors Away berry & lemon             Anchors Away grape &sea
Appliers included: Lola's Tango
Price: 50 Lindens for each pack, Anchors are each a pack of two colors
 Summer Sweet-Tart red, capris and flower
Appliers: Included: Lola's Tango/Push-up, Lush, eCorp, eBoobs,MCI
Price: 50 Lindens 
.::Pink Sugah ::.
Walk of Shame 3 dresses in the colors Salmon leo/black&white/grey leo
Appliers included: Lola's Tango/2.5, Lush, Mused, eBoobs
Price: 49 Lindens for whole pack
LC Fashion & Design
Bian Mesh skirt Outfit with Sweater & Belt in black
Appliers included: Lola's Tango
Price: 45 Lindens
 Basic Tank & Tutu Foo mesh in 5 sizes and different choices
Appliers included: Lola's Tango
Price: 50 Lindens
.: Glow Dedigns :.
LV Chocolate top with matching legging
Appliers included: Lola's Tango
Price: 50 Lindens
.:FallenDreams Inc:.
Blame it on the boobies top
Appliers included: ?
Price: 50 Lindens
( . Y . ) Tits Up ( . Y . )
Sports top with matching boyshorts
Appliers included: Lola's Tango, Lush
Price: 50 Lindens
.::Who's That Girl::.
On Fire sheer top with matching panties 
Appliers included: Lola's Tango
Price: 45 Lindens
Zoey black, top and pants
Appliers included: Lola's Tango/Push-up, Lush, Puffy, Bbusty
Price: 50 Lindens
And finaly
 at last we come to the Boobieplanet groupgift!
Pam top with jeans, group is free to join
Appliers included: Lola's Tango, Bbusty, Lush
Enjoy ladies!

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