Saturday 29 December 2012

Rack City Freebie Goodness

Rack City is offering up some fabulous freebies in the boards this week check these out!

Lace Lover Body Suit Green                    Leopard Cardigan Purple

Slick Sheer Top Orange

And thats not All Theres also A Brand New Group Gift

Polka Dot Vest top and High Waisted Shorts
100L Joining fee

Candy Metal Skin Freebie

Candy Metal is over at Acid Lily
this skin is available to Acid Lily Group members, 0 Fee

Includes an Applier For Tangos

Wednesday 26 December 2012

PatchWork Heart Post Xmas Gifty

PatchWork Heart didn't forget us this xmas They just wanted us to wait till boxing day to offer up this great and quirky shirt. the Spoof shirt available in the notices of the addicts group and comes with loads of appliers, lush, b busty and Tango, Push ups Naturals, Vstring, milk maid and mused full breast too 

Join the Group here
5L joining fee

[Plastik] Xmas Group Gifts

This is just one of the bunch of stuff in the xmas box at [Plastik] its in the notices along with 2 other gifts, grab it its defiantly worth it, dress's shoes tops and skirts ( Not all boobs friendly but most have a Tango Applier)
Join the group here

Tuesday 25 December 2012

Alter Ego Offers up cuteness

Before i go sleep for a bit .. ( All this hunting has tired me out :P ) 
Il leave you with this gifty
Alter Ego Group prezzie

Get in the group not before they start charging a fee
this gift is in the notices, theres a replacement skirt prim too coz the orginal was pink .. comes with a Tango Applier

Que Bella Group Gifty

For once I'm Really pleased theres lots to grab today coz I've nothing else to do lol 

Que Bella Offers up a treat
This sexy lacey red top is the group gift for xmas
Join the group check the notices and there it is!
50L Joining fee

Comes with a great collection of appliers too
B Busty, Lolas Naturals, Pushups, Tango, Lush, MilkMaid, Mused Full breasts, Parra Boobs, Universals and Vstring too! 

T Whore Does a Dollerbie!

Sit down this will come as a shock!

T Whore Does a Dollerbie!
I Know !!

This very saucy red dress is the gift from T Whore this xmas.. I Love it!
I took the picture in the store the sofas were cool 
Comes on lots of layers with a Tango Applier
I didn't have my tango's when i picked this up but now I Do Whoohoo!!
Grab it ladies its wicked

F'N'Hawt Xmas Gifty

F'N'Hawt Xmas! 

This one is in the group notices so grab it fast they poof after 2 weeks, Comes in pink too and includes a Tango applier for each, oh yeah ... CHECK OUT MY TANGOS! woot"

Sugar Titz Boards Galore!

First of all I'd Like to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

I Hope you all have a great few days and get fat and drunk and have fun

Now Lets see what's around today, There will be a few posts today i think I just need to find some Tango Girls to do a few pictures with 

So Sugar Titz, They now have boards with 5 different gifts in em yay!

Tear Me Up in Mints and Disco Slut in Lavender!

Yellow Leo and Vintage Lace In Moss


Samsara Dress I Love this one  though is REALLY short lol 

ALL of these are up fro grabs in the Boards Check em out, slap them silly and have a great day :)

Sunday 23 December 2012

Winter Skin Gifty @ Nunna

Winter Skin Fantastic Freebie

Available here

Includes a Tango Applier \o/ no group needed

Alter Ego Lucky Chairs

As more and more stores go Tango crazy it gives us more and more Freebies yay!

The 9 lucky chairs at AlterEgo Now have 2 outfits for tangos

Theres a few Colours to get too \o/
Be aware there is a Corset also in the chairs that is NOT Tango friendly
Theres Also a Midnight Mania With Tango Appliers
Sadly I Can't Wear ANY OF IT but I'm not bitter.. * Kicks the chairs really hard * 

Saturday 22 December 2012

Free Skin @ Hot Stuff

Group Gift 10L Fee

Includes An Applier for Tangos

FreeSkin @ - Anxiety -

Group Freebie!
Free To Join Group

Check out this Find

Theres Even Free Blushes
Tango Applier too 

Winter Warmers @ PARADISIS

Ive seen a few people post these so i thought i would go get em and im so glad i did!
Check this out, The Sweater and the Leg warmer Ice Skates are Free as you walk in the door, no group no nothing just buy them! Their fantastic too
Comes with a Lolas and Tango applier
If you aint got this yet, Go get it now!


The skirt and belt are also from the same store, just 149L for an outfit i couldn't help myself lol the top didnt come with appliers though :( but the skirt and belt go perfectly with the sweater \o/

Xmas Lucky Letter Gifts @ *Ellette*

One of the great ladies in the group found this Great little find!

*Ellette* have 2 xmas fift box lucky thingies under the tree, catch your leter and get one of the great gifts.. 

theres a lotta gifts to get here
Firstly we have the Sexy Leather Dress
Red Earings
And Candy Cane with sparkles... Gotta love the sparkles

In this one im wearing 
 TheCatsuit, Purple


The hot summer outfit 
theres a lotta makeup option in the makeup prize and also some snowflake pasties that i didnt get around to snapping!

Some fantastic gifts and only available until December 26th so don;t wait, stalk them gifts NOW!

. all of the outfits come with Appliers for .. Lolas, Tango, pusups and Naturals, Mused, Sinfulneeds Vstring and Universal!

Friday 21 December 2012

New Lucky boards At PWH

It took a while but Deej finally got around to refilling the boards \o/
2 new boards, group only 12 different colours to collect

Dresses come with Appliers Included
Lolas pushups, Naturals, Tango
Mused Milk Maid and Full Breast
Vstring, Lush and BBusty

( check the tummy seams they even matched those up )

What Boobs Do you use ?

Inquiring minds wanna know

I'm asking what boobs your wearing the most right now, thats why theres only one vote
you can post any comments on the subject on this post i know not all boobs are listed so if you use a different brand click other and tells us what one here 

With so many boobs out there some designers are breaking their fingers making appliers for as many as they can, lets help them out and tell them the ones we really need
Things move on, boobs get old and out of date
Mesh boobs seem to be the way forward
with the main producers all moving to mesh
Mused also have mesh ones in the making too

Will the older version die out? 

1000 Members Oh My Goodness

Firsty I want to Say thankyou to each and every one of you who joined our Group
It wasn't supposed to get this big but im so so glad it has because im loving it!
To celebrate Deej of PatchWork Heart Made this for us

Its a cropped Turtle neck sweater, slightly see through and super sexy
Comes with a Mesh Collar prim
loads of appliers 
Vstring, Lolas naturals, Pushups, Tango, Milk Maid, Mused full breasts, Lush and BBusty
Get it on the BBBF Wall at PWH 

Xmas Is all Wrapped Up

Xmas All Wrapped up
PatchWork Heart has just released this adorable little dress as a xmas special on the Marketplace only
It comes on layers : shirt/pants and Jacket 
also includes prim bows and a cute bow collar 
the appliers are also included girls
Vstring, Lolas naturals, Pushups, Tango, Milk Maid, Mused full breasts, Lush and BBusty are in there
oh did i mention... Its 25L yes 25L why are you still here? Go my pretty get it get it!

Poetic colors also have a great freebie, its eyes well doh its an eye store 
thier brown and flicked with little bits of colour and gorgeous! 
Go get em too 

Thursday 20 December 2012

Izzies Xmas Gifty

Izzies Xmas Gift waiting for you under the tree

Comes on lots of layers and a Tango Applier .
see thats why i'm not posing for this one :P

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Big Boobie Babes Freebies!!!

Big Boobie Babes Freebies Has a Blog!

and so far there's nada on it lol but there will be so keep checking
News here of freebies, hunts, gifts, Bargains under 50L some under 100L for Sponsors

Wanna Be a BBGF Sponsor? 
Get your logo on the front page?
Have your under 100L Bargains Blogged and featured?

It don't take much IM Me Inworld for more details