Friday 21 December 2012

What Boobs Do you use ?

Inquiring minds wanna know

I'm asking what boobs your wearing the most right now, thats why theres only one vote
you can post any comments on the subject on this post i know not all boobs are listed so if you use a different brand click other and tells us what one here 

With so many boobs out there some designers are breaking their fingers making appliers for as many as they can, lets help them out and tell them the ones we really need
Things move on, boobs get old and out of date
Mesh boobs seem to be the way forward
with the main producers all moving to mesh
Mused also have mesh ones in the making too

Will the older version die out? 


  1. I recommend reading this article about mesh boobs:

    And Universals are not listed in your poll :) They are made by Implant Nation, the first shop who sold implants, too bad so many designers are doing stuff just for those Lolas.

  2. Ive read that its not really what im on about here, all i wanna know is what boobs people are wearing, not the ins and outs of mesh v Prim, that article is kinda old too Tango's didn't come out till after. but Thankyou for pointing it out :) I know i missed some thats why i opened this for comments \o/

  3. Although I have recently switched to the Lolas! Tango Breasts, I was a long tme user of the IN Universals with the Natural shape applier. I am surprised you didn't list it the IN breasts. That being said, I have moved to the Tangos because they give , by far the best skin blending of any breast I have tried and i have tried them all. IN, vstring, eboobs, i-boobs, mused, aphrodite...etc.

  4. I was about to add universals but it won't let me, I Didn't list them simply becasue i know of only one or two store off hand who supports them so i figured they were one of the minority boobs theres a few i missed, Para bobs Aphrodite, sinful needs, theres a few it I simply couldn't list all of them. thats why i added the "other" response and a comment post.

  5. I'm wearing my tangos most now just because they're new and fun to experiment with. I still wear my pushups too, and my friend just got the deviant Lush they look fantastic too!

  6. I just bought my first pair of boobs this week, they are Lola Tangos. Very happy with them so far.