Baby Bump

: Apply May Designs Baby Bump! 

for anyone who wants to RP pregnancy in SL this is a must have item IMO and something long awaited.
anyone who has pushed up those tummy sliders on the sl system avi will know how odd it looks, it stretches your woowoo to biblical proportions and generally looks weird... not longer and issue \o/

the baby bump works as many of the body addon attachments do on an applier system
included is a developers pack too so if your a designer all you need to add these to your collection is right there in the box. 
what you get:
the belly, in 5 standard sizes, in midterm and full term shapes.
empty applier for shirt, pants and skin, and the uv map with instructions on how to make appliers. 

wanna see it?

cool right?  il tell you some store where you can get stuff for it in a minute...
but as you can see the shape is great, the uv matching is pretty spot on too, i have the advantage of my own Tattoo's so it was easy to make an applier good enough to show you how good this looks, that is how ever a slight down side to the bump, not many skin makers support it * YET * but im hoping after seeing it around and people sending in im's people will get behind it soon, its very very easy to do an applier for it so people should catch on fast.

there is also no hud to skin tint it, but i made a simple free one scroll right to the bottom of the page ofr more info

I'm wearing it with the phat azz in the pictures too, though i must warn you it does not fit 100% if you wear a phat azz, since you have to have your body fat at 0 and the smallest tummy is 7% there will be a slight fitting issue, can't see it in the pictures because i angled it out to and wore a alpha that helps too .. i will make this available should you demand it \o/  but it helps fill the gaps a bit, on the up side to this after showing this issue to Apple her response was fabulous, as soon as she can free up the time to do so ( probably in the new year ) there will be a new phat azz size made! with 0 body fat so i wont be a problem anymore, and honestly in the mean time you can work around the gaps so its not a major issue, or just don;t wear it with a phat azz! lol ... 
the stadard sizes included will fit most avi's without issue and there is a demo for you to test it too .. Apple May has skins with appliers in the store next to it and her skins are lovely, and as you will see there are some other stores offering appliers for skins too.. 

as im on skins, another thing to remember is, there is no tint function included, so a skin applier is a must. how ever the belly is mod and if you found a skin applier thats close you could in theory manually tint it to match, how ever ive not tried this so im not sure of the results, il update if someone would be nice enough to test this for me :P 

once you buy your bump you will be invited ot the bump group, join it! it will be the go to place for up to the minute news about updates and designer new stuff, well worth a group slot if you ask me. of course we will be allowing bump news in the bbbf group too so you can keep up with stuff there too. 

so lets do a pro's and cons 

the best bum on the market, much better than the system yummy shape option.
its mesh so textures are clean and crisp
simple to use and to create for
fantastic costumer service! 
phat azz update coming soon
theres a Demo!

right now limited designer support
fitting issues if worn with some mesh butts ( solution coming) 
textures can be a little glitchy, top derezzes, cam out to make it reappear. 
no tattoo/underwear layer
no tinting function (solution available see bottom of the page)

these are pretty minor cons though and with every new products development will comence given time im sure .. on the whole i LOVE it! its awesome and i bought a bunch of them for alts all over sl .. so it has my thumbs up. 

there is a free demo so if it appeals to your uinner mummy... try it out today!

Store LM...   Apple May Designs  turn left as you rez its the side entrance

Baby Bump designers!

Amber-Licious Designs
Clothes : Newest clothes include appliers
Skins: appliers 49L
UpDates: will update old clothes if able Free
Info: Listed on the Advert/Box next to skins

Pixy Stix
Skin appliers 25L
Info: Separate Section/display

PatchWork Heart
Clothes : Newest clothes include appliers
Skins: N/A
UpDates: on request for older items if able Free
Info: Listed on Advert

Que Bella
Clothes: Selected New clothes include Appliers
Skins; N/A
Updates: will update on demand 25L
Info: Listed on Adverts

Clothes : Newest clothes include appliers
Skins: N/A
UpDates: will update on demand older items will be updated over time for 25L each
Info: Listed on advert/Separate Vendor

Do you Offer Bump appliers?
Copy and paste this to a notecard and send it to CareBear Dethly  ( Street Junkers) inworld

Store Name :

What items do you sell appliers for?

Are your appliers included?

if separate how much?

Are you updating old items?

if yes is there a charge for this?

how does one get an update?

will future items come with appliers included or separate?

how does one find out if an outfit includes applier?
are they in a separate section?
a box by the main vendor?
listed on the advert?

CareBears Bum tinting hud!
Its free you can get one at HQ or on the BBBF Wall at Patchwork heart

its a real simple solutions, with full instructions, simple drop in a script and go really .. comes with 3 very basic tummy textures too .. 

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