A Whole Body

Fitted mesh bodies are all the rage!

There are a number of them to choose from nowadays, so try on those Demos and see which fits your style preference!

Below you have a brief list the major, headless bodies. It's far from perfect but hopefully gives you a starting point.

Dea Body by [BANNED]
Free Demo
Applier Kit, Slink Compatible, All-In-One HUD, Skin Tones

Brazilia Doll 3 (Fix Mesh) by Sking
Free Demos - 3 bodies (Standard, No Boobs, 3D Plus)
Developers Kit, Skins (4), Magic HUD

Brazilia Doll by Sking
Free Demos - 6 bodies
Developers Kit, Skins, Magic HUD

Lena Lush & Perky Lush & Maternity Lush by Kitties Lair
849L (Maternity 749L)
Free Demos
Slink Compatible, 5 Basic Skin Tones, HUD

Physique by Slink
Free Demo
Slink Compatible, of course!, Skins & Appliers

The Mesh Project by The Shops
Free Demo
Skin Tones, HUD
Only uses TMP appliers, no others

Venus by Belleza
Free Demo
Developer Kit in Store, Slink Compatible, Includes 2 Pairs of shoes, Skins, Many Features

Perfect Body by G. Inc
Free Demo
Developers Kit in Store, 4 Layers HUD

Fusion by Violet Studios
1500L each of six body styles, or 2000L for the pregnant style.
Free Demos
Developers kit, Separate HUDs for Daily Use or Master Setup or Skin and Parts Colouring, Flat and tiptoe feet, Bell-bottom option for pants.

Lara Body by Maitreya
Free Demo
Includes Hands & Feet (flat, mid & high), HUD with 19 Nail Polishes & Lengths, 10 Glam Affair Skins Tones, Lingerie HUDS, 4 Shapes, Tattoo, Underwear & Clothing Layers, Omega Relay System, Slink Compatible
Developers Kit application @ sl-maitreya.blogspot.com


  1. This is a really great list, but I noticed that Absolut Creation's Eve is missing, and it is both headless and fitted (though a head is available separately). I own several mesh bodies, and since the update last week, the Eve has become my go-to. It has a ton of alpha cuts and is Omega/Slink compatible. The body also has hands and feet with three heights included. It also comes in two versions, the "Slim" and "Pulpy," the latter being an overall curvier and thicker body. Demos are available on Marketplace and at the Eve store...I really recommend it for anyone interested in a good body at a reasonable price. They're 1690L for each body individually, and a pack with both included plus a bonus mesh outfit is 3000L. The creator also regularly releases free clothing in her store specifically made for the body, and there are plenty of meshes that are also made just for Eve.


    (Not employed at all by Absolut Creation, I just think that the body should be included, as it has a ton of features and is very well made.)

  2. Since this is the big boobies blog, can I request that you do a short examination of what each of these bodies looks like when the breast settings are dialed up for a 'bigger' result?

    Some of them look great when large, and some of them get deformed / have stretching issues. Especially under the breast - with some of them the ribcage starts to push out.

    Also some of them get 'just a little bit big', like Belleza and Maitreya. And some can get fairly large like Lena Lush. A few like Fusion, you can get kits to make the bosom almost larger than the rest of your avatar...

    Some of them only come on extreme body shapes. And some of them don't offer extreme shapes. I think Lena Lush is the only one so responsive to the dials you can dial it from 'slightly curvy' to 'very curvaceous'.

  3. You now have the 4 uLukie bodies that are Omega compatible out of the box. Belleza now includes 3 different size bodies. They've also changed the hands and feet to SLUV maps so now is completely Omega compatible.