Group & Chat Rules!

There are so many new products and issues going on since Babs did the original set of rules I have amended and added to the list. Please read them and ask a staff member if there is anything you are unsure of:

1: Items under 50L may be posted in chat.

2: We encourage members to post about Lucky and MM boards they find. Please provide us with as much info as possible when posting for a Lucky or MM. If the board is group only, please check the fee is under L$50 to join, and be sure to let the group know.

3: Boob related items are our priority. While notices retain the "Boobies only" rule, advertisements in group chat may be geared toward replacement body parts in general.

4: IF you find a REALLY good mm board with something none boobie related ASK A MOD to POST IT! this will save arguments. All the mods are lovely, and we all love a freebie!

5: No caps People think you are shouting at them, keep chat spam to a Max of 5 lines so not to shove the conversation off the screen.

6: Please do not post direct group joiner links to ANY group.

7: Please do not post blogs other than the BBB website in chat. The only exception to this rule is for hunts, the official page for relevant hunts can be posted.

8: Please try and keep general chit chat positive, both towards designers and other members of the group. and keep foul language to a minimum. 

9: Each and every freebie or cheapie was made with hours of time and patience, DO NOT be negative about gifts EVER if you don't like it don't pick it up but do not voice your opinion in the group chat. its both upsetting and offensive the the person who made it and after all its free, why are you moaning?

10: The simplest and most important rule of them all BE NICE OR BE GONE!

11: Please be respectful of the BBBF staff (those who show up in bold in chat) they are giving up their time for free to help with the group. Moderators decisions are final!

12: We do not discuss DMCA's or any other legal matters. BBBF is impartial on all matters of this nature and there is to be no discussion in chat.

there are a number of mods in the group plus a 24hour bot controlled by a few moderators in the group. while he cannot receive im's, he does log group chat so it can be referred back to at any point.

If you see someone breaking the rules rather than berate them in chat, post the link to the rules page instead. if you see the same person break a rule again IM their name to any staff member they will deal with the situation as soon as they are able.

Please remember that designer notices are also posted in the chat feed as they post their notice, there are slightly different rules for notices so check its not a notice before you mention them to a Mod.

Rules amended July 3rd 2014


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