Battle of the Bums!

LM's to Butts

Brazilia 1500L
various styles available

Banned Mesh Booty
700L Basic UPDATED
999L Basic plus 7 additional leg lengths for digi and boots
FITMESH Booty and Bigger Booty 800L
999L Fitmesh plus 7 additional leg lengths for digi and boots
BIG Booty 800L
999L Big plus 7 additional leg lengths for digi and boots
PETITE Booty 800L
999L Petite plus 7 additional leg lengths for digi and boots

Vstrings Polymorph Wideloads 800L
Fitted mesh - various styles available

Demo's available on all of the above.

Info on Banned Mesh Booty

as everybody must know by now the phat azz had brought mesh butts into the forefront recently and everyone's gone butt crazy. 

though not the only brand of mesh bum on the market phat ass has by far caught the spotlight and we at BBBF like to balance out this light by bringing you as many options as we can. 

so like CB did for the boobs I'm gonna review the butts! 
and as with CB's the reviews are totally impartial just the goods and bads as i see them :)

where do i start, an intro into the butts i think ?

so far there are 3 makers as ive found, we are going to skip one as it does not support appliers as far as im aware and that kinda makes it a bit behind the other 2 if things change il add it ..

so we have right now, Phat azz by Luck Inc and Brazilia by Sking. 
 both very different

while the Brazilia was first on the market the shape was probably not to everyones liking, but as with everything its personal taste and many loved it, the lack of clothing applier support and inability to wear your own skins is probably why this one didn't take off as well as it might. 
But now Its been totally updated and reworked with a lots of new shapes new clothing system and the ability to use phat azz appliers has made it a real contender in the butt market

We also have the Phat Azz by luck inc.
a smooth bulbous butt that everyone has gone nuts for. 
its well made, well scripted and takes its own appliers for skin, undies and pant layers
this is probably why its taken off much faster that the brazilia the support for this butt is pretty grid wide now everyone seems to be getting on board with it.

ok so lets see these posteriors in their glory

the Phat Azz

comes with:
more thighs
fatter legs

the Brazilia


comes in:
lots of different shapes
all sold separately 

so what do you get?

comes with its own full skin with appliers for tango as well as your butt
you also get a hud to change the visibilities of the layers
a Shape * mod*
and the developers kit
and an alpha

The Phat Azz
mesh ass in 3 options, normal, more inner thighs, more leg fat
clothing Hud
Developers pack with 3 appliers for skin, undies and Pants
and an alpha

Happily both Ass's come with Demo's
Phat azz is a free one, the Brazilia one are 1L
As with everything mesh Try before you buy!

ok some good and bad points


Phat Azz
Lots of designer compatibility
ease of use
theres a Demo

Lots of shapes to try
Different body fat tummy sizes on some
Cheaper than the phat azz
includes a full skin
phat azz applier compatible with an extra hud *100L*


Phat Azz
restrictive on your shape, must have 0 body fat 15 tummy for it to look right
slight discoloring on the skin/clothing layers

most sizes are 0 body fat again, but not all so its half a con lol
lack of designer support but again half a con because there is a translator hud available

over all both butts have some great good points and some small bad points with everything its personal choice. try the demo's buy the one you like the most.

the designer of the Brazilia keeps coming up with new models, so i will add those pictures as they come out

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