Wednesday 19 June 2013

~ PURE Sales Room ~

Hello Big Boobie Baybes!

There is a new event opening this week

Its a bargain sale event nothing over 75L
It isn't boobie exclusive so not everything has appliers but there are a fair amount that does
I think its worth a look at least

I found this round

Baby Butterfly

Skin with Tango Appliers included 65L ( yes its over the limit but its a skin!! )

( . Y . ) Tits Up ( . Y . )

Spank Me Dress
Pink or Black
Tango and Lush Appliers included 50L Each

Fingers crossed there will be more next round i can blog, but go look because there is more boob friendly stuff but its over our 50L limit
but as i said nothing is over 75L so its well worth a visit

Sunday 16 June 2013

Excuse my French...

So many hunts starting june 15th

I found one called excuse my French, its a small one full of French designers
after looking down the store list i noticed a few boobie freindly stores so i figured lets go see

Disappointed i was because only one of the stores included an applier 
but hey i did find a couple of things we can use at least
and a new skin store for the list


#9 Top with tango applier
#5 Italia joggers ( mesh )
#24 black and white Moushou shoulder pets
so cute they are too 

I also came across this 

[KF] skin Sura Geisha 
Applier not included with the hunt gift but. it is only 10L next to the Sura skin display. 

you are looking for a pair of blue feathers as the hunt object. they are attached to the hunt signs. 

50% off Sale

Alice Project is having a Summer Sale!!
Thought i would share this white those that haven't heard about it.
They have boobie friendly hair!!
For a limited time, Alice Project has marked all mesh hairstyles
and all HUDS down by 50% off original prices.  Demos are available for free.
 The sale started June 13th and ends on June 27th.

Wednesday 12 June 2013

~PixyStix~ 50L Skin & Gacha Kini!

Hello My Big Boobie Babes!!

~PixyStix~ has a brand new 50L skin out at her store!! Comes with tango appliers. It's beautiful for any vampire or pale skinned beauty! The detail is amazing. She also has a Gacha machine @ Gacha Festival for 25L per try, really cute unicorn bikini's! with tango appliers. Grab em while you can!!

Thursday 6 June 2013


I've been watching the chat in the grou the last few days and ive seen this posted so i went to go see what was there for us babes. wanna see? 

All these gifts are found by the stall in huge icecream cones ether free or 1L

lets start with 

Klari Dress 
Comes with a tango applier


Sweet-Mini Dress Polka

Gaal Skins

Geneve Vintage Skin
Comes with a Tango skin applier


Pretty Pink Dress
Comes with a tango applier


 Top Swirl
Comes with a tango applier

you might need a LM eh? 
you can get all these goodies right