Wednesday 19 June 2013

~ PURE Sales Room ~

Hello Big Boobie Baybes!

There is a new event opening this week

Its a bargain sale event nothing over 75L
It isn't boobie exclusive so not everything has appliers but there are a fair amount that does
I think its worth a look at least

I found this round

Baby Butterfly

Skin with Tango Appliers included 65L ( yes its over the limit but its a skin!! )

( . Y . ) Tits Up ( . Y . )

Spank Me Dress
Pink or Black
Tango and Lush Appliers included 50L Each

Fingers crossed there will be more next round i can blog, but go look because there is more boob friendly stuff but its over our 50L limit
but as i said nothing is over 75L so its well worth a visit

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