Sunday 31 March 2013

OMG So much stuf!

Hey there Ladies! 
I know ie been kinda quiet this week works been a BITCH! 
but its Saturday and that means bargain hunting Day!

this is gonna be a BIG post so don't forget to scroll all the way down to the bottom!

Lets start with the BBB Easter Gift 
Deej as always came through with a great gifty for us girls
a limited edition green bunneh suit. its a fluffy onesy and its so god dam cute i could snuggle up and die in it 

this one you will find in the BBBF Group notices

but its also availible in the store for just 50L a colour ... 50L! 
inluding the PatchWork heart appliers hud
works for tango, Lush,BBusty, Lolas pushups and naturals both Mused breasts and Vstring too

Thanx Deej!

Next what can i show you ..... 

ok lets go to

they have a great bargain for you but its only up for 1or 2 days so get it as soon as your done reading

Sexy Dress in white
just 35L for a couple of days!
Comes with a Tango Applier

right lets bounce over to...

Lots to see here

theres a brand new Midnight Mania item

100 slaps 
comes with a applier for tango and a Lush one
includes body suit, arm warmers and stockings too

there are some great Gatchas over there too..

There are 2 gatcha Machines
first one is 50L a go
with 6 poptart outfits inside (yellow shown )
Tanog Appliers included

the second one is for Bikinis with tango appliers
25L a go 6 colours to get
Orange shown coz i liked it 

nice thing is they are Trans so if you collect a few you don;t want/need you can trade em!

ok theres more!

Next and this one is a bit off topic but just so cool i had to tell you

the animation store has a gift in their group vendor
an easter basket with cuddles and naughtiness inside its LOVELY!

 here is it.. Me and Phil are having a chat! Nothing else i swear! :P

free to join group too go get it!

ooh and get on over to

this outfit released today is a staggering 35L!
its so cute! boots shorts jacket included as well as the helmet
comes with tiny things applier hud good for most boobie brands!

and Last but not least .. i hope

yup we are in a hunt starting April 1st
Spring into Kawaii

and this is what i made for it

CupCake Karma
includes and Mesh animated Skirt
Tank topwith tango and 2.5 appliers
and a cup cake friend that sits between your boobies and blinks at peoples

Hunt clue is: " Ohh Nice view from ere " 

Saturday 30 March 2013

EaStEr MaDnEsS!!

Woot easter eggs all around!
Lets see what goodies are in them.
Lets starts off with a easter egg hunt at Glace Pearls & Boob-Lish.
They have 10 eggs hidden around there 2 stores each of 5.
Each egg cost 5 Lindens. Let me show you which ones i got!
                              Sweatheart bodysuit                              Skin with tango applier
                                With Tango applier
                                Easter pink shirt                           Bandana top with with rabit peaking out
                               With tango applier
Now on to the groupgifts they both have they still up for grabs so be quick and get them!
Both groups are free to join.
Glace Pearl groupgifts free to join
                    Brave Dress with Lola's Tango applier            Skin with Lola's Tango applier
Boob-lish groupgift free to join
Cyber top with two options on the applier.
Next store that also has a egg hunt going on is
8 gifts hidden at the store and they all with Lola's Tango appliers all for 0 lindens!

Now on to the MM board
This awesome tattoo is on the MM board be sure to slap it to get it!
Appliers: Lola's Tango


Modamia is having a hunt too. There total of 25 eggs to find women & men gifts and ends 31 March.
How it works find the 1st egg at the landing point
with a clue to the next one you might get distracted.
Here you have pics of what you can find in the eggs with women gifts!
These all have Lola's Tango appliers

Don't miss out on these gifts grab them before they gone!
Enjoy <3

Thursday 28 March 2013

Dollarbies & gifts!

Found a few things you may have missed in groupchat or i found along the way.
Lets start out with a few dollarbies i found on Marketplace!
Dollarbie on Marketplace
Flounce Dress Easter 5 Sizes XS / S / M / L / XL
Tango Pushup Lush Appliers
Pink kitty cropped shirt  dollarbie also on Marketplace
Applier :Lola's Tango
  Luisa Bra and matching panties in grey for one 1Linden on Marketplace
Appliers: Lola's Tango
Slut Top Dollarbie on Marketplace
Appliers: Lola's Tango
Now on to a few (group) gifts & MM boards you should slap!
This top is a new groupgift at .wound and the group is free to join
Appliers: Lola's Tango
While you are there be sure to slap the mm board board to get this top.
With the tekst...Pardon my fucking french!
Appliers: Lola's Tango

Naughty bunny is the Easter groupgift. 10 Lindens fee to join the group further in the store you will find loads of other gifts!
Appliers: Lola's Tango, Lush, Bbusty

Mila is the new groupgift at Sick Puppy free to join
Mesh in 5 sizes.
Btw for who never been to Sick Puppy there loads of previews groupgifts there with appliers
Applier: Lola's Tango
White trash is a free gift from Virtual Attire no group needed,
You can find it infront of the MM boards
Appplier: Lola's Tango
 New groupgift at SugahTitz group is free to join
Appliers: Lola's Tango & Lush
New groupgift cute Pj's
Applier: Lola's Tango
While you there be sure to slap the MM board!

 Springlove  with Lola's Tango appliers
Babs blogged a cute Hips&Hops groupgift a few days ago and now this cute blouse has been added!
Appliers: Lola's Tango
Enjoy <3

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Grenade Free Wednesday!

 Grenade Free Wednesday is a weekly event held only on the Jersey Shore Sim.
A group of designers set an item out in front of their store for less than 100Lindens!
The sale will be from Wednesday 12:00am SLT till 11:59pm SLT.
These week's Sale's are!

My Sheer dress in green
Appliers included for : Lola's Push-up/Tango, Lush, eCorp, eBoobs, Mused
Price: 66 Lindens
Shorty top in10 different colors
Appliers included: Lola's Tango
Price: 80 Lindens each
Touch my Tango tank in pink
Appliers included: Lola's Tango
Price: 45 Lindens
Tick Tick Boom Tops in 3 styles
Appliers included: Lola's 2.5/Tango/ Lush, eBoobs, Mused
Price: 50 Lindens

Cropped Cable knit sweater in colors Black/Blue/Purple/Red/White
Appliers included: Lola's Tango
Price: 75 Lindens each color