Friday 15 March 2013

Pink Fusion Finds

Theres a new hunt starting today called 
Pink Fusion
Can you guess the theme?

I nipped around it and find s a few choice snippets to show you girls
Remember this hunt is a 5L hunt!

includes Tango applier, Corset, and Skirt ( not shown )
Skinny Jeans in Blush 5 mesh sizes
Vanha Specials for Pink Fusion,
Hardest to find thing EVER! i was the very first one to find it woot! nope not telling you were it is :P multi coloured shoes with hud loads of options

vest top with tango applier
Mesh Skirt in 5 sizes
Pink Spiked mesh pumps

includes a tango applier

you can find hints and Lm and pictures to all the other gifts here

1 comment:

  1. Just wondering if these were the only tango applier hunt items that you could find as I know Holli Pocket and Alterego are also in this hunt. Thanks for covering hunt items that work with tangos! It helps out a bunch so you don't have to fight the unnecessary lag just to find out that a certain (dress, etc.) does not have an applier...and being lazy rocks! Thanks for doing the work for us! XD