Saturday 23 March 2013

We are All Mad Here!

It's so true we really are 

But its the name of a hunt i found yesterday, everything is 10L and i spent 300L getting everything to see what was boobie friendly for you all!

there wasn't much honestly but it gave me things to do 

so heres the stuff i thought you'd like

Everything is 10L don't forget!

Shirt from Trinite #3 Hint:Every rabbit loves a garden
Includes a Tango Applier
Belly Piercing From Phoebe's  #29 Hint:See hint giver :) (At main store entrance)
Mouthy from Freaky Design  #22 Hint:You cannot drink tea with out cupcakes!!
Hat From Graffitiwear #25 Hint:A kracken would be a great character in wonderland..
Cuffs from Pandemic #28 Hint:Go ask Alice.. I think she'll know!

I also found this From Dreamz its lovely

#6 Hint:I go well with cake :)
Comes with a Tango Applier

and While im here .. 
and give these babys a slap, brand new Tattoo's with tango appliers
should be EASY to lock! 

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