Saturday 30 March 2013

EaStEr MaDnEsS!!

Woot easter eggs all around!
Lets see what goodies are in them.
Lets starts off with a easter egg hunt at Glace Pearls & Boob-Lish.
They have 10 eggs hidden around there 2 stores each of 5.
Each egg cost 5 Lindens. Let me show you which ones i got!
                              Sweatheart bodysuit                              Skin with tango applier
                                With Tango applier
                                Easter pink shirt                           Bandana top with with rabit peaking out
                               With tango applier
Now on to the groupgifts they both have they still up for grabs so be quick and get them!
Both groups are free to join.
Glace Pearl groupgifts free to join
                    Brave Dress with Lola's Tango applier            Skin with Lola's Tango applier
Boob-lish groupgift free to join
Cyber top with two options on the applier.
Next store that also has a egg hunt going on is
8 gifts hidden at the store and they all with Lola's Tango appliers all for 0 lindens!

Now on to the MM board
This awesome tattoo is on the MM board be sure to slap it to get it!
Appliers: Lola's Tango


Modamia is having a hunt too. There total of 25 eggs to find women & men gifts and ends 31 March.
How it works find the 1st egg at the landing point
with a clue to the next one you might get distracted.
Here you have pics of what you can find in the eggs with women gifts!
These all have Lola's Tango appliers

Don't miss out on these gifts grab them before they gone!
Enjoy <3

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