Friday 22 March 2013


Just a quicky before i go to work!
Few gifts i found here and there but they can't be missed in your wardrobe \0/
Blossom lingerie set spring inspired hit the subscribe thingy and catch it! 
Applier included for Lola's Tango
Intimate comes in 3 colors black/red/white and they all FREE to get at FLG.
Group is free to join
Appliers : Lola's Tango
Jstyle is a known store that has loads of gifts and now they do appliers too!
The 4 outfits are all with Lola's Tango appliers and are free to slap with a grouptag that is free to join!
p.s. the skin in the gift does NOT have appliers, only the outfits do!


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