Saturday 31 August 2013

Boy Toy!

Oooo! A new group gift skin from Al Vulo with skin appliers and the clothes in the picture is free too. The boy toy outfit, the tango applier isn't in the same giftbox but you need to both click gifts on the table to get the applier and outfit.  All three of the items need groups to join to get them but they are free to join. \0/
Skin: Al Vulo
Clothing: GWC

It's Giftie Heaven Everywhere

Holy Titties! So many prezzies around the grid right now! Many are group gifts, some are prizes for picks...but they are all ready for you to grab! Midnight mania's and lucky letters in most of these locations, as well.
Click on the picture for the enlarged version. You can thank me later for destroying your inventories muahaha ^_~
Don't Save Me Dresses, at 2 different locations
Left Pic Pink Sugah@Bewbapalooza Tiger Giftie, Right Pic Pink Sugah Mainstore 3k Member Blue Giftie

X-Treme Vogue Color Top & Long Blue Pants

Ashmoot June Gift & Pinup & Shock Pink

Liza's Black Blanche Dress

Tits Up Spring Fling Lingerie & Short and Sexy Dress & Corset Top and Hot Pants

Rotten Defiance Cutie Tennis Outfits Fatpack comes in Red, Black & White color variations

Sexy Peach Black Karma & Spring Top and Skirt

PB Designs Pink Laced Dress

Boob-lish Pink Bodysuit

Imajica's G-Spot Boobies Crop Top & Boobie Gesture

Le Forme Aruba Mesh Bustier

Miss Canning Monica Top Fatpack with red and white & Marcella Hair

Orsini Badass Top & Burlesque Berry Bodysuit & OooLaLa Dress (10L) & Sexy SeƱorita Dress (10L)

Deadly Couture Cheetah Queen Crop Top and Booty Shorts

Umi Usagi Camo Bra


Friday 30 August 2013

Rawr! A Few Prezzies!

                   A few designers already releasing their group gifts for September and here are a few of them! Enjoy!
This one is mesh

Alice in Boobie Land Hunt

Tons of goodies to be had here and all in one sim! 

Alice in Boobie Land!
Held on the Katnips in Wonderland Sim/mall

this is what you are looking for
its a playing card, you will find them hidden around the sim, Most in the middle but theres a few in the stores and on the carts too i noticed to look hard and look well!

Every item is 5L

1. ModaMia -Verified-
~Not on the ground, but not to far from were all my items are!~

2. pure Perfection -Verified-
~Three lilies going round and round you can turn the water on and off or sit on the ground~

3. OhLaLa -Verified-
~That tree has a dream this way and that way !!~

4. Souled Out -Verified-
~What time is it, I'm late!~

5. Capacious -Verified-
~The Cheshire cat has been spotted at Capacious~

6. Damned Dolls

7. Dazed Dezinez -Verified-
~You swing me right round~

8. Deluxe Body Factory -Verified-
~Colorful is not to be eaten~

9. [trs] -Verified-
~Ask the bluebird maybe he will know the way~

10. Almost Wonderland -Verified-
~I've always had a heart for tea.~

11. The Elegant Goth -Verified-
~Splash a little water on your face to clear your view.~

12. Barely Legal
~ Alice: Madness Returns~

13. Sugar & Cyanide -Verified-
~Spot of Tea?~

14. Toxic High -Verified-
~I'm at a rose tree, has nice red and white roses. What rose tree am I at o.0~

15. Loordes of London -Verified-
~by the bargain~

16. Mmm...Kay! -Verified- NOT FOR SALE YET
~Better check for dust!~

17. Blink2Wink -Verified-
~ A Mouse, A Rabbit, A Cat, A Hatter, but no Skeleton?~

18. Wicked Sin Creations

19. Forbidden Closet Designs
~I am the crown jewel~

20. Newtique -Verified-
~Tip me up and poor me out!!!~

21. Fashion Krush -Verified-
~Join the Tea Party~

22. Sacred Dreams -Verified-
~Your Royal Throne Awaits~

23. Niekras Dreams -Verified-
~I'm late I'm late to a very important date~

24. EBMod -Verified-
~The answers are always between the pages.~

25. Czarny Kanarek
~Guarded by the giant red queen~

26. Pink Sugah -Verified-
~Aces Will never be high~

27. blah.Blah.blah -Verified-
Books, rabbits, bottles and hats, Im placed by a good tip at that!

~Look up high in my stall~

29. Deviant Soul -Verified-
~Lost? Look Where Up is Down & Down is Up~

30. Pink Acid ~Verified~

Also in blue

31. .::[HtxDZ]::.
~I'm sooo tired, I take a nap here....~

32. TaTToo PaRaDiSe -Verified-
~I hid under an open book...~

33. Tit's up
~Kitties gotta stick Together~

34. Anymore* -Verified-
~uffff ...... read read~

35. Fulana'S Store -Verified-
~It's Tea Time~

36. Luckie -Verified-
~I feel like I'm on "TOP" of the world up here.~

37. AVD -Verified- NOT FOR SALE YET
~Guarded by the red queens light~

39. Sensual couture -Verified-
~I'm sooo tired, I take a nap here....~

40. Hard Candy -Verified-
~ Follow the path of crystals shining and in the end you may find me blue and crying~

41. Knockers -Verified- NOT FOR SALE YET
~Alice Swings Between the Mushrooms~

42. Rachel Swallows Creations -Verified-
~Drunken Bishop~

43. :EZ'S: -Verified-
~Somewhere in wonderland rests an elder tree tired & low, there lies treasures inside his curious purple glow~

44. Pixy Stix -Verified-
~In my world, the books would be nothing but pictures. ~

45. Sonsy -Verified-
~behind the tick tock~

46. Seven Deadly Skins
~It all started here....~ -Verified-

47. Imajicas G-Spot -Verified- NOT FOR SALE YET
~I wanna get High.. so High!!~
(This is a gesture no picture)

48. D&G Fashions -Verified-
~Such a good story!~

Every ... well most things have a tango applier included if not more, usually we would no feature the boots and other items not worn on your boobs but i figured why not for this one

I will be doing item photos over the weekend too so keep an eye open for updates!

Happy Hunting