Saturday 24 August 2013

.::Pink Sugah::.

Treat yourselves to Crumpet's original designs, textures and eye for beauty, there is so much gorgeousness and free going on at Pink Sugah right now...hunts, lucky letters, midnight mania boards, mini-mania and gifts, gifts, gifts. 
It shares a space with the Charm store, also with lucky letter gifts and midnight mania, and there's a cozy little outdoor cafe in the courtyard to take a load off and rest your shopping feet.

Some of the many hunt items at Pink Sugah have recently been blogged here in prior posts, just below are two that haven't yet.

left side is the Around the Grid hunt gift, right side is the Join the Picnic hunt gift

And on to show you a few more gifts around the store;

left side is the BBBF Group Gift , right side is the Lucky Letter Gift Cannonball Dress

While you wait for your lucky letter to pop up on the board, look on the white shelves just behind you. You will find previous Bewbapalooza and previous hunt gifts from Pink Sugah...ALL FREE!

These three below are the previous Bewbapalooza gifts on the shelves

And these nine, yes nine, below are the previous hunt gifts on the shelves

Go fill your closets with clothes for every occasion at Pink Sugah
 and remember to always THINK PINK!

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