Tuesday 6 August 2013

Silicone Freebies

there is a another event opening soon

its a bi weekly prim boob event

No sure exactly when it opens but right now if you tp to the location there is a bunch of freebies to be grabbed
catch is you ahve to join the Silicone group to get them but its free so its cool.

there are gifts from some great stores

Forever Young
TRS, *TwInS FaShIoN, {W&R}, 1 Hundred, .:cheeky:, Luas Urban Style
Candy crunchers, WhatEver, [LF], [LDP], FnH, .S&C, - Pr!cK -
Sassy, [*RD*], Milk, QE, HolliPocket

the last 2 don't have picture boxes out so you have to look at me :P 
loads of great great freebies I hope the event will provide some more great stuff when it opens :)

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