Sunday 28 April 2013


 Well i been going all around trying to find some stuff to blog and well the others have to wait but these i can already share with you all. Besure to get them before they gone! lol
Free gift at Hard Candy two halter tops with Barbie printed on them. This gift is only available for limited time!! ( think till Monday) so get it as soon as you can just buy for 0 Lindens!
Appliers: Lola's Tango
May groupgift is already out at Vooh!
Dress with matching sandals, belt, earings, bangles.
Appliers: eCorp, Lola's Push-up/Tango, Lush, Vstring, Universal,
Mused Full-breasts/Milk made, BBusty, Sinful Needs

2 gifts at ModaMia you can buy them for 0 Lindens!
Camio breathless suit &Daphney lingerie in red
Appliers: Lola's Tango

New group gift of the month at B.D.R. Group is free to join.
It comes in plain pink part of the dress or stripped.I just had to show my sexy ass in this hot outfit :P
Full outfit with hat , collar,pumps
Appliers: Lola's Tango, Bbusty

Friday 26 April 2013

Knockers Knockers Everywhere

has refilled all her boards and the Midnight mania Board
and whats inside is cute cute cute

I know most of you probably have this because its the most posted MM in the chat for days

Mile High!
Tango applier and a load of cuteness in the box

And the Lucky chairs are to die for
both have tango apliers the second has appliers for a bunch of boobies WTG!
Lush, 2.5lolas. Eboobs Ecorp and MCI in the Tiny titties

I found this in the window

Dot Me Bikini
Go Get it its Free and so cute its even got bum ruffles
Tango Applier included

Love it thankyou for such great freebies

Dreamz No More Shit Day

Is celebrating her self named 
No More Shit Day!
With a 20L store wide sale

The Whole store is just 20L till tomorrow night
Spend money get bargains and enjoy

 Not only is everything 20L but theres also a Big Boobie Babes Gift

Check this out

 Its hot hot hot pink and totally Free if you wear your BBBF Tag and slap the box in store
Comes with a tango applier of course
Many thanx Dreama * snuggles you * Tomorrow will be a much nicer day! 

Thursday 25 April 2013

Boobies Planet

has opened up for a new round

So many bargains what are you waiting for?


 All 49L All with Tango appliers

::Rack City::

 Sexy Sports Star Boobie Planet Exclusive
Comes with Tango lolas 2.5 applier


No Tiny Titties{BLUE}
Includes Appliers for
Tango, 2.5 lolas, Ecorp, Eboobs and MCI all seperate appliers WTG


Tango applier


Thinking Spring Minidress w Appliers
Appliers for
Tango, Lolas 2.5, Lush, Puffy and BBusty

:.::Hot Stuff::.

:.::Hot Stuff::.:Top White&Lace w/bow+Denim pants black

Tango, Lush and BBusty appliers

Lushish Catz 

 Briya- Lilac
Appliers for Tango lush and BBusty


 ::Kira:: 2 Tones available
both 50L with tango appliers


 Cute Dress Green and purple
Pictures the same but ones green one is purple
50L each with tango appliers

.:Tits Up:.

.:Tits Up:. G.I Jane Black and Green Camo
50L each Tango and Lush Appliers

Boobies Planet Group Freebie

New Home New Bargains

Ladies I am so excited

Big Boobie Babes Freebies Has a new home!

I'd like to thank Holly of Jersey shore for here outstanding generosity housing us for as long as she did
Thankyou thankyou Thankyou

But it came time to move on to somewhere a little bigger with more control 

And we did and its CUTE!

The Lucky Ballons are back
the Freebie wall also back but right now Empty
We need some of our generous designers to fill it up again for us
and this time there will be no mistaken returns

Our very First Supporters wall freebie!
Thankyou DeleRose for being so lovely

The wall is open for Designers to fill up, just buy the box, fill it and Texture it
it has a group give script inside so theres no need to Set it for sale

you can put your item and a LM to your main store inside of course

its a nice bit of free advertising and a warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy too

ok I'l be quiet about that now and move on to a couple of fab finds

This hot looking outfit is the newest Midnight Mania offering from
comes with pants top and a tango applier! Slap it!

the Tattoo I'm wearing is a great promo from
Dethly Productions
a new Tattoo store with some real nice designs this one comes complete with appliers
and its only 50L

thats it for bargains today ive been so busy rebuilding i ahve bearly had time to get out

there is how ever a kick assly cute outfit on the midnight Mani board at Knockers
il do pictures of that after ive had some sleep :P

Sunday 21 April 2013

Chest Tresures Mall

Babes and Designers alike take a look at this new mall

A Mall for prim boobs clothing

This place is brand new and is doing a special 1 month free rental if you are one of the first to rent
at the time of writing this there are just 4 stores left
just 150L a week for 50 Prims
with one month free

Have a look

as you can see theres a lot of really great stores already renting

Whis Designs
 PatchWork Heart
 ( . Y . ) Tits Up ( . Y . )
 Purple Candy
 Rachel Swallows
 Voluptuous Dolls
and more setting up 

I found a nice bargain while i was there too at Purple Candy
Oooh La La underwear
50L per colour
its lovely
tango appliers

Not only is it a all but also a club underneath .. the club is currently looking for Renters to run it
at 3k a week it should be snapped up fast, if we could afford it I'd rent it for a BBB club wouldn't that be cool?
a girl can dream

well there will be lots of advertising for the mall it should be a great place to rent
even better once the club is buzzing too

so bounce over there check it out theres a couple of lucky boards popping up too Purple candy and harts has one so worth a trip over there

Celebration Sale!

Pink Sugah is having a Celebration Sale!
As most of you know Tara just had a healty beautiful baby boy.
Congratulations to you and your family!
To celebrate this she put anything Blue for sale!
Everything is marked down 1/3 of the price since its her 3rd baby boy.
Packs of dresses/tops are sold for either 40 Lindens or 33 Lindens!
Don't miss out on this sale because it ends Monday 22th April!
P.s.The giftcards can't be used on the sale items.

Charity begins at home and so does Bargain hunting

I wanna start this post of with a good cause 

Now there are a lot of vendors here not all boobie friendly but some i didn't have time to do the whole fair
but thankyou to Dreama who made me aware of it by giving me a copy of her dresses

 Romance Gowns
5 Colours all just 50L each and every linden going to the Event cause!
Autism awareness
Tango Applier included

Definatly something to support ladies
there are loads of vendors there all giving varied amounts of each sale to the charity
I saw black lace and Cynful just as i walked in
Go buy one of these do something nice this weekend... its just 50L and these dresses are lovely

Diamonds are a Girls best friend (red/black) MM Exclusive

25 slaps fills it

Comes with Tango appliers for bra and top ( Top shown here )

you will find a nice collection of gifts at :: Miss canning ::
This dress comes with a tango applier and 5 mesh sizes its very cute
There is also some very cute but very reveling tops that were a little too nipple happy for me to show ;P

Tits up Prizes for picks Gift
Great top show me sheer
Just add the main store to your picks, slap the board on the wall and its yours
Lush and Tango appliers in this one

The Plastik Fifty linden Fridays outfit

These jeans are part of the studded outfit thats available right now for 50L not sure how long it will be there so grab it fast. there is also a fantastic corset with tango appliers in the same set \o/ 

Very nice simple pink sweater 
Tango appliers and an exclusive colour for the board

This peaches and cream dress in the lucky board is adorable
tango applier included
and the drop dead sexy red number in the MM i WANT it! how gorgeous is that?
tango in that one too

thats pretty much it for finds today
i know theres more 
i saw a notice for another as I loged out dam it 

il have to come back tomorrow and do it again lol

Sunday 14 April 2013

Kawaii Fair!



As most of you know the Kawaii Fair has started so i went to have a look and see if they had any awesome things out there and i found a few gifts with appliers!
I can't make direct TP's so you have to look around to find them, sowwy!
Some of you might already have this gift as it was a Hello Titty hunt item,
if not here is your chance to get it !
Appliers included: Lola's Push-up/Tango, Lush
Cute CupCake bodysuit for 1 Linden. 
Appliers included: Lola's Natural/Push-up/Tango, Lush, Mused/ Milk Made, Bbusty, eCorp,
Sinful Needs, Vstring
Forever Young
Ice cream shirt with Kawaii gym shorts mesh  , so cute it has eyes on the back of the shorts lol
Appliers included: Lola's Tango, Lush
Cute lil'  KawaiiTittyTee
Appliers included: Lola's Tango
Get them while they still out. The Fair is till the 26th!

Monday 8 April 2013


Some goodies found here & there.
Grab them before they gone!

{ ViVi } Main Store

Paisley sleeved shirt Vanessa is a new  groupgift at Vivi and the group is free to join!
Appliers: Lola's Tango

While you are at Vivi's be sure to slap the MM board to not miss
 this cute Vintage floral dress called Fionah!
Appliers: Lola's Tango


New store that has a opening/groupgift waiting for you. Group[ is free to join!
Appliers: Lola's Tango

Two groupgifts @ Flame Fashion

 Group is free to join
Appliers: Both with Lola's Tango

( . Y . ) Tits Up ( . Y . )

Freshly loaded MM board  at Tits Up Riding high bikini only needed 50 slaps!
Appliers: Lola's Tango, Lush


Dollarbie Ouchie bandaids to support NO H8!
Appliers: Lola's Tango


I been going from store to store at the Hollywood event and only found this gift with applier!
Go grab this cute lil dress before its gone for 0 Lindens!
Appliers: Lola's Tango

Yes My Love

This is a Marketplace store and Madeline is offering 3 gifts for everyone!
They are all available for 0 Lindesn each and with Lola's Tango appliers!


There are few sales going on at VA but i picked out these two!


Black bondage & Dusty biker corset are both dollarbies
can both be found on the rug infront of the MM boards!
Appliers: Lola's Tango


This month groupgift at Awear can be found by the older groupgifts.
Grab them while you can and the group is free to join!
Appliers: Lola's Tango


Another dollarbie at L.C. for the Boobie Babes that like to go to a ballroom!
Appliers: Lola's Tango

Last stop we have 2 gifts @ ::Egoxentrikax Store::

Cute top for 1 linden with Tango applier!
This is a new groupgift Mia skingroup is free to join!
Applier: Lola's Tango