Thursday 4 April 2013

Goody Goodies and 2 Shoes

 Hai Ladies!

I finally got a bit of time off work and where am ? I'm in SL digging up freebies for you lot

There are a nice collection fo freebie available here
this store is coming back to SL after a break and I for one am glad to see Brain at it again!

Spring Fling Lingerie in Green
Available if you slap the Subscriber board at ether store
*note from the owner *
[ Staying in the Subscribe list will result in access to further freebies
as new freebies will only be accessible to excising list members ]
Comes with Both Bra and Top Appliers for Tango and Lush

Tied together outfit in Yellow
This one is in the lucky Balloon @ Busty Bitches Mall
15 minute Timer
Tango and Lush Appliers included

Leather and Lace Corset
Prize board Prize
50 to fill the board and gives out when full
only at the jersey shore store

There is also a new free gift for group members @


Great little outfit this so fresh and erm springy
Mesh skirt in 5 sizes, little tank top and bely piercing too 
BBusty and Tango Appliers included
Free to join group too

Now We can check out

Theres a Fresh new Box of Boobie babes goodness over at Plastik right now
lets see whats in it eh?

Fatality Corset:// Volkano
this is the first of 2 fantastic corsets.
Tango applier included

Boudoir Dress
This dress comes in 2 colours
Green and Blue both gorgeous and with Tango appliers
inthe box you will also find these Legging Shoes!
Rigged mesh in a collection of sizes
the look perfect with this dress i think eh?

Prototype Tank-Decay
I LOVE this top!
it comes in neat and ripped open version
Tango appliers included!

And thats all for now..
go Forth and clothes your TaTas for next to nothing! and SMILE!


  1. wow this skin look so hot, can i ask about the creator or the shop where i can find it? thx^^

  2. Hiya its a skin from illusory and sadly unavailable anymore .. coz the store is gone its auxillary now and they don;t do this skin no more