Wednesday 3 April 2013

Spring into Kawaii Hunt

Spring into Kawaii

Hello Big Boobie Babes!

Hows ya dooooin?
So ive been trying to blog some stuff for like 2 weeks but Lady beats me to it every time darn her!
but today I WIN!! 

I'm gonna show you the Boobie friendly finds in the Spring into Kawaii Hunt

theres a few nice finds actually so take a look and bob off and hunt em down


My thanx to  Madeline Blackbart For posing for me :)

This tattoo comes with a tango applier

The Plastik offered up a great Corset with Tango Appliers
I got the cute but tiny can you see it? Panda Necklace from  N3KOT3CH D3signs
the Kawaiitastik Helmet is from English Muffin \o/ 

Ego #36

Cup Cake Tank top!
Tango applier

2 Mesh Dresses Good V Evil!
Patchwork Heart Applier hud included
Tango, Mused milkMade and Full breasts, Lolas Naturals and Pushups, Vstring, Lush and BBusty
Mesh with cut outs too for the Boobie girls

BBB HQ #42

ok probably the best prize of the hunt.. its even cuter than ours :( lol
your ever hard working Babaloos came up with this for you lot
Its so freaking cute!
the tank top is great...
the Skirt is amazing.. its animated.. seriously the stars actually flash and change colour
and theres the most adorable cup cake to snuggle between your boobs and it blinks!
comes with a tango and 2.5 applier too so everyone can wear it \o/

the tongue has a cute lil toasty on it and is from sour pickles the first prize in the hunt

Great little outfit this one
tied top and tiny shorts
comes with a Tango applier

and right at the end ...

I finally found you Pose!
 see how tired i was after all this hunting and blogging..
good to have Someone Comfy to snuggle up with after a hard days work \o/
<3 Bear x

Happy hunting Folks! 

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