Thursday 25 April 2013

New Home New Bargains

Ladies I am so excited

Big Boobie Babes Freebies Has a new home!

I'd like to thank Holly of Jersey shore for here outstanding generosity housing us for as long as she did
Thankyou thankyou Thankyou

But it came time to move on to somewhere a little bigger with more control 

And we did and its CUTE!

The Lucky Ballons are back
the Freebie wall also back but right now Empty
We need some of our generous designers to fill it up again for us
and this time there will be no mistaken returns

Our very First Supporters wall freebie!
Thankyou DeleRose for being so lovely

The wall is open for Designers to fill up, just buy the box, fill it and Texture it
it has a group give script inside so theres no need to Set it for sale

you can put your item and a LM to your main store inside of course

its a nice bit of free advertising and a warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy too

ok I'l be quiet about that now and move on to a couple of fab finds

This hot looking outfit is the newest Midnight Mania offering from
comes with pants top and a tango applier! Slap it!

the Tattoo I'm wearing is a great promo from
Dethly Productions
a new Tattoo store with some real nice designs this one comes complete with appliers
and its only 50L

thats it for bargains today ive been so busy rebuilding i ahve bearly had time to get out

there is how ever a kick assly cute outfit on the midnight Mani board at Knockers
il do pictures of that after ive had some sleep :P

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