Sunday 21 April 2013

Charity begins at home and so does Bargain hunting

I wanna start this post of with a good cause 

Now there are a lot of vendors here not all boobie friendly but some i didn't have time to do the whole fair
but thankyou to Dreama who made me aware of it by giving me a copy of her dresses

 Romance Gowns
5 Colours all just 50L each and every linden going to the Event cause!
Autism awareness
Tango Applier included

Definatly something to support ladies
there are loads of vendors there all giving varied amounts of each sale to the charity
I saw black lace and Cynful just as i walked in
Go buy one of these do something nice this weekend... its just 50L and these dresses are lovely

Diamonds are a Girls best friend (red/black) MM Exclusive

25 slaps fills it

Comes with Tango appliers for bra and top ( Top shown here )

you will find a nice collection of gifts at :: Miss canning ::
This dress comes with a tango applier and 5 mesh sizes its very cute
There is also some very cute but very reveling tops that were a little too nipple happy for me to show ;P

Tits up Prizes for picks Gift
Great top show me sheer
Just add the main store to your picks, slap the board on the wall and its yours
Lush and Tango appliers in this one

The Plastik Fifty linden Fridays outfit

These jeans are part of the studded outfit thats available right now for 50L not sure how long it will be there so grab it fast. there is also a fantastic corset with tango appliers in the same set \o/ 

Very nice simple pink sweater 
Tango appliers and an exclusive colour for the board

This peaches and cream dress in the lucky board is adorable
tango applier included
and the drop dead sexy red number in the MM i WANT it! how gorgeous is that?
tango in that one too

thats pretty much it for finds today
i know theres more 
i saw a notice for another as I loged out dam it 

il have to come back tomorrow and do it again lol

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