Thursday 25 April 2013

Boobies Planet

has opened up for a new round

So many bargains what are you waiting for?


 All 49L All with Tango appliers

::Rack City::

 Sexy Sports Star Boobie Planet Exclusive
Comes with Tango lolas 2.5 applier


No Tiny Titties{BLUE}
Includes Appliers for
Tango, 2.5 lolas, Ecorp, Eboobs and MCI all seperate appliers WTG


Tango applier


Thinking Spring Minidress w Appliers
Appliers for
Tango, Lolas 2.5, Lush, Puffy and BBusty

:.::Hot Stuff::.

:.::Hot Stuff::.:Top White&Lace w/bow+Denim pants black

Tango, Lush and BBusty appliers

Lushish Catz 

 Briya- Lilac
Appliers for Tango lush and BBusty


 ::Kira:: 2 Tones available
both 50L with tango appliers


 Cute Dress Green and purple
Pictures the same but ones green one is purple
50L each with tango appliers

.:Tits Up:.

.:Tits Up:. G.I Jane Black and Green Camo
50L each Tango and Lush Appliers

Boobies Planet Group Freebie

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