Saturday 10 August 2013

Iboobs Go Mesh

The new mesh IBoobs hit the market recently and as th girls were chatting about them i decided to review them

I'l be adding a pro's and cons list to the "what boobs do i get " page after this too

so out of the box these puppies were kinda big on me  * but then im a slender lil thing * so i had to do some resizing that was easy enough theres a very handy shrink option in the menu. and with a couple of clicks they were more my size. what do you think? oh yeah they take tango skin appliers are are uv matched to the sl base clothing templates \o/ so adding your skin is as easy as wear the applier and click. looks good right? I did have to adjust the offsets a little so my tattoo and nipples were in the right place but it wasnt much at all. 

there are various nipple options included in the appliers inside the box, also a nice tip in there, you can get some free appliers for nipples at redgrave!

tinting the base skins is easy too, there is a tinting ball, you rez it and tint that to the colour you need and it appliers it to the boobs. easier than the hud version if you ask me. you di the same with the nipple tiniting.

so i tinkered with the a little and i have to say they do have a few very interesting features  

Flash : just as it sounds it gives a flash of your naked boobs before putting the applier back on them
Milk: milk particles in various amounts
Set size : holds the current size as a default so you can easy put them back if you blow them up
TearOff: allows other to tear off your top to one of 4 preset top textures set in your notecard (I think) 
Adj.To/Bra/Skin : allows you to easily adjust the texture on your top with menu buttons
Now i liked this option for 2 reasons, its Dead easy to move your top around and 2 once you have ti just right you can use the "Make" option to send those settings to a rezzed applier and save them instantly,  how cool is that?


So to the most important bit
What appliers do these work for.. well im really pleased with this bit. Not only are these compatable with all the tango applier, skin, nipple and clothes they also work with the old 2.5 ecorp/iboob appliers, i tested them with a few different ones and they all worked really well.

as you can see with this American bizarre top they look great clothed too \o/ 

did i mention they also have an emote feature? you can turn it off if not needed but its a cute addition for sure.

so the verdict!

Works with ALL tango appliers
Works with 2.5 appliers too
Nice features such as milk, flash and tear away.
Demo available ( within a few days of this review date )
easy adjustment of layers

Skins can take a little adjusting to fit bone shadowing and nipples in the right places
thats it really lol 

Cost : 999L
Get them Here

I forgot to mention, with the additional 300L Hud these also have RLV compatibility. See instore for more information

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  1. I just got the updates for my old these work with tangos? Is there something I need to do?

    Niceguy halsey