Thursday 22 August 2013

Chest Tresures Gifts galour

Ladies as you know Chest treasures mall is going from strength to strength 
not only is it a fantastic mall run by a lovely dude... yes a dude! 
its also a great shopping local with so many of your favorite boobie stores under one roof

Not only is it your first stp shop for your boobie needs its also a BBBF sponsor!
that just makes it that much more special also means solid has the backing of the biggest and best boobie community in SL... that means. each and everyne one of you \o/ woohoo! it can't fail right?


after opening a few months ago solid decided we needed more room for our boobies
and set up a brand new location bigger better and brighter! 
he even bought the invisible floors with him .. dam it!

Many of the stores located there have some kinda opening gift set out, or lucky chairs or under 50L chest treasures only deal and im going to show you what i found on my walk around.
theres more.. im sure i did not find every single one as more are being added every day.

Alos BBBF has a little oasis at one end of the mall, there you will find a few freebies too, as time goes on we are hoping more designers will drop a box down over there too as they arrive new posts will go up of course 

right shall i show you what i found now? 
I think some of these may be been featured already but im gonna do them again just coz i can :P

 lucky boards, free gifts lots of stuff \o/

Boobie Trap
 Lucky board here there is also a freebie its already been blogged i think

Dee Designs/Whis designs 
 Freebie if you join the chest treasures mall group

Rachel Swallows
 Freebie \o/

Candi's Cuties
 Freebie \o/

 50L special only at Chest Tresures

Tits Up
 Freebie \o/, Subscriber gift and lucky board

 Lucky Board

Moda Mia
Freebie \o/

Tattoo freebie \o/

 Freebie \o/

 Freebie \o/

Pink Sugah
Freebie \o/

Purple Candy


as i said this is not everything becaue ive updated this 3 times since i started it as new items are added so get over there and hunt out the other goodies,
gatch'as under 50L, midnight mania boards changing all the time.. 
id never be able to publish this is i hadda keep it up to date 100% lol 

Of course everything featured as at least a tango applier if not more.

you might need this to get there....  Click me

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