Thursday 7 March 2013

March groupgifts & other stuff!

New month new gifts!
 I found some out there you should check out :)
First group gift we start with is from Ellette and as you see she has added all sorts of appliers for all you girls out there so go grab it!
Group free to join.
 2 complete out fits with tons of appliers for pretty much every boob out there lol so not gonna name them all! Group is free to join :)
Mesh dress in 5 sizes with Lola's tango applier.
Group free to join!
Also if you haven't before there tons of other groupgifts out so grab them too!

Meme Tub top new groupgift. The group is free to join.
Applier included for Lola's/ Tango,Bbusty MagnusUbera/Basic/Evolution, iBoobs, eBoobs
Mikelly oufit is the new groupgift of this month with Lola's Tango applier.
Group free to join!
Freshly loaded into MM board and exclusive will not be sold!
Appliers included for Lola's Tango
Joanna owner of Mystique just had her 5th Rezzday and to celebrate
she hasa few things you must see! All outfits have Lola's Tango appliers
First off we have the new groupgift, group is free to join!
Next up we have Impulsively that can be found on the MM board so be sure to give it a slap!
Next up we have a real cheap sale!
Office outfit just for 5 lindens this outfit is yours!
Next up we have 5 new promo's out for just 50 Lindens each!
Bossom /Glam /Studded /Go Out /Infinite outfits
 Not sure how long this Sale will last so be sure to not miss out on these awesome deals!


First off a FREE gift buy it for 0 lindens!

This gift is free for everyone to grab!
Be sure to grab the Lola's Tango applier who is seperate in a vendor next to the lingerie set!

Last but not least i just had to add this groupgift also from BlackLace.
 Even tho the group has a fee of 99 Lindens its so worth it!
Appliers included for Lola's Tango if  get it from groupnotice, nut in the store it set next to it seperate.

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