Sunday 16 June 2013

Excuse my French...

So many hunts starting june 15th

I found one called excuse my French, its a small one full of French designers
after looking down the store list i noticed a few boobie freindly stores so i figured lets go see

Disappointed i was because only one of the stores included an applier 
but hey i did find a couple of things we can use at least
and a new skin store for the list


#9 Top with tango applier
#5 Italia joggers ( mesh )
#24 black and white Moushou shoulder pets
so cute they are too 

I also came across this 

[KF] skin Sura Geisha 
Applier not included with the hunt gift but. it is only 10L next to the Sura skin display. 

you are looking for a pair of blue feathers as the hunt object. they are attached to the hunt signs. 

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