Wednesday 29 May 2013

BBBHQ Freebie Wall of Goodies Thankyou!

have you been there recently? 
the Freebie wall is back up and running
anyone wanting to offer up a gift can do so.
its easy, theres a box in the middle of the shelves, buy one for 0L 
rez it on the ground, drop in your freebie and any other info you want to give like a notecard or LM to your main store
put the box on the shelf, texture the front, rename it and walk away!

check out the store already set up

QE Designs

[QE] Teenie Kini- Cuppycakes *BBB Exclusive*

Prim bows too, Tango and 2.5 applier included


one of 3 gifts in the box \o/
Tango applier


Rihanna dress blue

::Purple Candy::

Elements blue,red,coffee
one of 3 colours in the box
Tango applier

= Twisted Finials =

Skullyz Twisted Bikini for BBBF
Very cute Mesh Bikini
Size small fitted my bum!
Tango applier


Sweet as Candy - BBBHQ Gift
Tango applier

Thankyou so so much to all our generous designers
Il feature any additions when i see them go up
go get em girls.. then go buy something in their stores as a thankyou ^_^

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