Sunday 12 May 2013

Ding ding..time for another round...Part 1!



I know i been slacking but RL is taking up my time, how rude! ikr lol
Anyways so i'm going to try and catch up on all the need to know whats going out there
( if you already didn't know)
So i was walking around and i found this madness at
Patchwork Heart
 Gatcha madness!
Deej turning into a crazy cat lady! ( don't tell her i said that :P)
 I have seen that some of you are gatcha crazy so this is a you can't miss and must have shirts!
HelloThunder Kitty shirt  Cheetara         Hello Dr Who Kitty shirt The Dr 3

                     Hello Random Kitty shirt Cheshire             Hello Starwars Kitty shirt Ewok
Appliers hud included:
Lola's Tango/Push-up/Natural, Lush, Musedfull breasts,
Mused milkmaid, Bbusty, Vstring
Gatcha cost 50 Lindens each shirt
 Loads of goodies for sale at Bewbapalooza you just have to go have a look but 
next up we have  the sales from
 Dottie lingerie with matching stocking comes in 3 colors Green/brown, Pink/blue,
Lavendar Multi ( no pic i know :P)
Applier included: Lola's Tango
100 Lindens each color
 More snooping around  i found these shirts from
 Amber- Licious
Don't push my buttons shirts come in 4 colors
Appliers included:Lola's Tango,/2.5 
Price :49 Lindens each color
Oh and i found these cute bodysuits from
Pretty Liar
Bodysuits in 6 duo color combinations
Appliers included: Lola's Tango
 Price: 50 Lindens each color
Last but not least..
I found one gift with applier from
Sugar Titz
Top with mesh skirt
This is a groupgift from Sugah Titz and the group is free to join
Appliers included: Lola's Tango
 If you haven't been to Bewbapalooza yet there so many awesome sales i haven't blogged but they out of the 50L limit but they are so worth to have a look at! So put on your shopping heels and tits up and enjoy <3


  1. hmm cant seem to find the Sugar Titz store ._. can you provide a LM or link? :D

  2. All these sales are at one place called Bewbapalooza :