Friday 25 January 2013

PixelDust and Major Pinkness!

Its Friday its the weekend and im hunting already

See what ive found! 


Why do my eyes close at the worst times and never when i want them too? 

3 things here to show you
Firstly pink hair
From Wasabi Pills 50L today only! also available in purple
fifty linden Friday special

The jeans are from T.A.R.A 
Totally free find them on the wall as you walk in to the left
6 sizes and a great colour

PixelDust Gatcha Paint splatters
lots of colours, 45L a go
Lolas 2.5 only

now thats a nice leader to my finds at PixelDust

all of these are group gifts, free to join group too \o/ 
find the boxes in the corner
Tango/Lush and Lolas 2.5 appliers for each

Xmas and Turkey day Gifties
I know its a bit late but hey their cute dam it!

The newest Gift is this dress its gorgeous!
Mesh lower in 5 sizes
Appliers for Tango/Lush and Lolas 2.5

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