Friday 18 January 2013

Thursdays Finds!

Evening Ladies

So after a few hours bouncing though blogs and notices and things thrown at my head 
Ive got a few new things to show off!


new Lucky board Dress

Spotty, sexy and purple its Cool
Tango only!

Next we travel to

New Group Gifty!

Join the group easy with a click of the board at the LM point 
Group cost 69L but with gift like this its more than worth it and more
Boob appliers for Tango/Lush, Lolas 2.4, Mused and BBusty too \o/

Now I came across this hunt while i was bouncing around and with a little investigation i came up with the 2 items that are boobie friendly!

Both of them are Tango only just so ya know!

Cold Winter Nights Hunt

Fab Wooly dress with matching wooly stockings and suspenders

Mesh Skirt in 5 sizes and a cute lacey top too

thats it 
oh while i have your attention though.
I'm Going to be posting my pictures on my SL Profile Feed as i post them to flickr, please please please
Follow me on there and love my pictures any time you can, We need to get BBBF up on the trending pages as much as we can! 

Lets show SL boobie baese are the bestest!! 

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