Thursday 31 January 2013

:[Plastik]: Prezzies !


I logged in today and the first im i got was 
" New Gifts at the Store entrance " 
well along those lines 
so i rushed over to check it out and omg! look at these!

2 Shredded Dresses
Red and Cucumber

Like my growly face? haha

Both dresses come with Tango appliers and Tube top *Red* or Tank Top *Green* options

there is also this Gorgeous dress

its really a stunning dress i LOVE it! 

comes with the gloves too and a Tango applier!

find the box at the store entrance, its totally free!
there is also a 10L cheapies box with some fab jeans inside I'd grab that too lol

I got some new poses today too \o/ like em?

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