Sunday 20 January 2013

Sunday Stuffs!

I was up way to early so i went hunting
See what i Caught!

I went to go see what Boobie things were in the 
and heres what i came up with 

There were 2 new Hunt gifts there 
First one is the Pimp my valentine
second is the " Fuck Em " shirt for the Beads for boobs Hunt
It says fuck em under my boobs btw :P 

Tango Only

Be Warned the hunt item is TINY! 
Great undies though
Comes with naughty and nice options

Tango only

I Found a Group Gift while i was there

and the hunt item
Great Gold Dress
Includes Necklace and shoes too 

Tango only!

M&M Body shapes is also in that hunt but at the time of posting thier hunt item wasnt set for sale :(

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