Saturday 26 January 2013

Dolarbie & more freebies!

Hello again Ladies!
This outfit from ADN was on the MM board and if you missed it here is your chance to get it for only 1 linden!!
Dark Light dress appliers for Lolas! Natural, Push-up, Tango, Mused, eCorp
To be found on marketplace ( not sure they have it for same price in-world)  @ ADN

A store with sexy bikini's & she just started making Tango appliers!
Its a groupgift so you can join the group and get it from the wall
or join the subscriber and it will be deliverd to you!
To be found @ Faboo
Another cute bikini for free!
Aqua color with Tango applier for 0 Lindens
to be found on the desk @ L.Style
From Aubin x Chimo  a cute skin called
Sophia skin tan and it has Tango applier.
Groupjoiner (free)  at tp point but groupgift upstairs!

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