Wednesday 4 December 2013

Stuck on You Hunt

The Stuck on You Hunt is a 5L Hunt for everything with Appliers. I found you the Boobie and Phat Azz goodies, and a couple of Baby Bumps, too! Only the first store's landmark is given, Sour Pickles Store, so you have to make your way through. They all come with Tango and/or Mirage appliers plus the ones listed below each picture.

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"

2. The Plastik "I'm feeling festive- but it's also so cold! "

3. Sugar & Cyanide "In the corner, all by myself
w/Phat Azz

4. Dark Wing Productions "WOW! This are Epically Sky High.
w/Phat Azz

7. ToXiC HiGh "Toxic barrels"
w/Phat Azz

9. Wild Oats "I'm Stuck under your but..."
w/Phat Azz


11. PA DESIGNE "Look for my sister"
w/Phat Azz

12. PB Designs "More information can always be found here."
w/Phat Azz

13. [[A.R.C.+F.N.]] " I lay here drunk and the birds whisper to me!"

15. Dani's "Do you like my xmas bows I love the green color."

16. Ravnous "What? Are you on POT?!"
w/Phat Azz

17. ModaMia "Santa is waiting for you!"

18. S.L.A.D "Look up"

19. Que Bella! "2 cats 1 sofa."
w/Phat Azz & Brazilia

20. Holli Pocket "I wanna see your peacock!"
w/Phat Azz

21. .::Pink Sugah::. "I love me some classical music"
w/Phat Azz

23. Tw@ttyC@ke "Don't be such a tease"
w/Eboobs,mused,Vstring,Overfill, Essentials,Aphrodite,Lush,Pushup, Natural, & Phat Azz

24. [Mystic Canvass] "Station"
w/Phat Azz & Slink Hands, Feet

26. Amber-licious Designs "Pucker up girls! "
w/Phat Azz & Brazilia

27. PatchWork Heart "Panda Cuddles"
w/BBusty,2.5,Lush & Baby Bump

28. [::IMP TAIL::] "Lift me up on a cloud"

29. Tits Up "Every girl loves a good pair of shoes"
w/Baby Bump

30. D&G Fashions "" Don't Call me SUGAR!""
w/Phat Azz

31. Mmm...Kay! " Be careful, or it will gatcha!"

33. ! Beautiful Dangerous ! "Life Is Beautiful!"
w/Phat Azz

34. Dystorted "Sit and relax hang around all night but don't worry these ponies don't bite"

35. Knockers "James Dean is a Rebel Stuck On You."

36. WoW Skins "What about your suggestion?"
w/Phat Azz & Slink Hands, Feet

37. SOURIRES "Come take a seat"

38. =Libertine=  "Sit here, and stick it!"
w/Phat Azz


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