Friday 21 February 2014

Battle of the Boobs Hunt

Hint: Look at Gift Vaucher Section.

hint: tonite i am going to ROCK the town..... i will dress up and go!

5) hot stuff w/ Phat Azz
HInt: do not sit there! wrinkles my shirt

Hint: With love and light they're holding a world of fantasy in their hands!

Hint:  Peek a boo

 HINT - " Is Summer Really Casual "

Hint: Tango is the way to go..

10) Ravnous w/ Phat Azz
Hint:  Don't go off the deep end - I'm in the pink!

11) Baby Girl Inc. w/ Phat Azz
Hint: "OMG I love shoes!!!"

Hint: I'm feeling lucky..... 


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