Monday 1 December 2014

BUSTed Christmas Crackers Hunt!

Welcome to BUSTed Christmas Crackers Hunt!!!!!  Below are the SLURLs and hints for the stores participating!

Remember that some of these stores might be on Adult sims, but most of these will require that you 
at least wear something covering your bits.

Happy hunting!

000 - BUSTed Magazine HQ
HINT: Burn baby burn

001 - Rachel Swallows Creations
HINT: *Lip service is required*

002 - .::Pink Sugah::.
HINT: my hiding place is illuminated with candles and a star

003 - sexZ
HINT: Time to unwrap all the presents!

004 - Ravnous
HINT: Up, Up and Away!

005 - Imagine Skins and Fashion
HINT: I grow outdoors, but you brought me inside, my well-lit boughs are where your gift resides.

006 - Slutwear by Lexi
HINT:  Two lovely ladies both watch the door; a blond in a dress and a brunette in much less. 
The firey blood of the Brunette holds the key.

007 - Styled by Panda
HINT: "What a perfect place for a lil' gift to hide!"

008 - Erotipose
HINT: when, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but a miniature cracker, and eight tiny reindeer.

009 - SIRA
HINT: *Oink* Wingardium LeviOINKsa *Oink* Expeliarmus *Oink* Hocus Pocus! *Oink*

010 - MoDANNA
HINT: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

011 - Luckie

012 - Tits Up!
HINT: "Quick .. grab it before he wakes up!"

013 - MadCatCreations Boutique
HINT: pillar

014 - ::JELLY::
HINT: Extra Extra read all about it, news boys are sexy I just need to shout it.

015 - Gatherings Designs
HINT: Wrapped in Joy

016 - VooDoo Dollz (follow the red arrow)
HINT: "Capri isn't only an island"

017 - Doom Kittens
HINT: "It's bigger on the INSIDE"

018 - Spanked 
HINT: I'm a gift waiting to be unwrapped 

019 - ***baci village***
HINT:  busty girls goes to Lola's paradise!

020 - ::Toxxic:: Pandora
HINT: Hang a shining star upon the highest bough!

021 - Senso
HINT: My new blue jean looks really sexy

022 - L'Anguisette Skin and Body Shoppe
HINT: Snuggled in with the rest of my brightly wrapped kind.

023 - Christmas Fair
HINT: caramel apples and candy on the table already come soon

024 - Busty Boutique
HINT: Even the prize likes to climb trees

025 - Que Bella!
HINT: You need to AWAKEN your senses to find this cracker!

026 - Holli Pocket
HINT: She's got that jerseylicious noms noms going on

027 - MP Noir
HINT: "Dont get off track !

028 - sour pickles
HINT: Check the hint giver

029 - Angelic Visions
HINT: I think I saw it in the living room.

030 - ~*SugarFluff*~
HINT: Sometimes Poles, Clouds and Bears make good company!

031 - Tiny Things
HINT: Veggies, love and care are needed to have a healthy diet. Don't eat gummies!.

032 - B Barbie Style
HINT: Is it just me or does Trish look Hot tonight.

033 - { ViVi }
HINT: Look and see,
under the tree,
a gift for free,
to you from me!

034 - Lindy's Clothing
HINT: I'm on the 1st floor and waiting not to far away

035 - Biscuit

036 - Renee India
HINT: At the drop of a DYME

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