Tuesday 8 September 2015

Tagging is all about winning

Hello darlings!

It's something of a struggle to produce blog content 
when you mostly get online on your phone, 
and when you do happen to be able to access a computer, 
it's a laptop that lags so bad you want to cry and would 
probably set fire to the desk if I tried to bring 
the graphic settings above medium.
But! With time and dedication, and a bit of help,
 I managed to not only snag a couple of great freebies
 to show you, but also get pictures for them.

These are from a new to me store, Artful Design.
To win these completely free goodies does
require a bit of time, and five friends.
They are from a Tag & Win board.
When you click the board, your initials will appear,
after five minutes they fade. 
The trick is to fill the board with six tags before the time is up. 
If you do, everyone gets the gift and the board resets with a new prize.
The board will only take a new tag every 30 seconds though, 
so you better time it well,
or the first tag has faded by the time the sixth is on the board.
This game is not for the lazy, click a MM and go kind of freebie hunter,
but it can be great fun if you go there with a bunch of nice people 
(And when desperate, you can harangue
one or two male friends to help out.
 Who knows, they might look good in a bodysuit?)

 First prize I managed to win was the Mae bodysuit.
Can anyone explain to me why bodysuits are so common in SL? o.O
This sheer number is striped to cover your bits and the outfit includes shoes for Slink High.

Appliers: Belleza, Eve, Lena, Maitreya, Slink Physique, Omega

Next up is the Lacey top and cut-off jeans shorts.
Perfect for those last warm days of the Indian summer.

Appliers: Belleza, Eve, Lena, Maitreya, Omega

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