Saturday 27 February 2016

I have a Passion for lingerie

Hello darlings!

A quickie blog this weekend. 
I've been passed out with migraine for most of the day,
and I still suffer bad crashing when on SL,
so this is just squeezed in because I really want to get back to blogging regularly.

Nothing wrong with the pretty subject though!
This gorgeous set of of underwear is the free February group gift for *PB* Design.
The *PB* Design group is not free, it's 50$L to join but boy is it worth it!
Joining will not only give you access to monthly gifts, MMs and Lucky Boards,
but you also instantly get your money back and more!
*PB* Design hands out 250$L in store credit to its members, once a month!
So not only do you get 250$L to shop for immediately when joining, 
but in a month (or a few days if you join late in the month like today) you get another 250!
I honestly don't think I've seen this good a deal for a group anywhere else in SL.

The Passion Lingerie set includes garters, panties and stockings, 
and there are options for wearing them separately or together on the HUD.
Sadly, there are no stocking appliers for the feet included,
there is a system layer for stockings though, for those who don't use mesh feet.

Appliers: Omega

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