Monday 20 January 2014

A few Hunts

 Bringing you 4 hunts with boobeh and booteh prizes.

First up, the Lady Dark Hunt, cost per gift is 1L and you are seeking a little red demon head, I found 11 of them.

# 2 Busty Boutique w/ Phat Azz
Hint: Under the desk

Hint: On the second floor at ...Midnight

Hint: Brick and Mortar, Water and Stone, fountains run forever alone

# 12 The Phoenix Collection w/ Phat Azz
Hint: Look for me somewhere that is secluded

Hint: Every dark lady has a dark soul

# 27 Laney's
Hint: I'm having a sleepover

The lady dark is in the middle of my big Lola's

# 44 Lusty's
Sitting here enjoying the view

Hint: These make a picture perfect stand out

# 64 Red Line w/ Phat Azz
Hint: Near Orion...

# 56 MadCat Creations w/ Phat Azz
Hint: up and behind

Next hunt is the Ecache Formal Flair Hunt, look for a little black bowtie, found 3.

Felicia loves dressing up for the new year

# 34 Greta's Couture w/ Phat Azz
Hint: A little illumination is good for any occasion

Hint: She's a lady in _________

Next we have the Frozen Flowers Hunt where you will look for a little pastel flower, found 2

# 8 Greta's Couture w/ Phat Azz
Hint: Sometimes flowers like to hide in the jungle

Hint: Look for cherry blossoms

And finally, the Another Day in Paradise Hunt, with 1 boobie gift

Hint: up and behind


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