Saturday 4 January 2014

Five Hunts - 13 Booby & Booty Prizes

First up, the Fast & Furious Hunt with 2 items.

HINT: On the second floor, look at the little garden.

# 11 Toxic High w/ Phat Azz
HINT: I feel lucky, do you feel lucky?

Next hunt, I lost my Mittens (ends January 6, so hurry!), 2 items.

# 40 Beautiful Dangerous w/ Phat Azz
HINT: Do you think you're lucky?

HINT: Everyone needs a POP of Holly.

Now for the New Years Resolution Hunt with 3 items.

# 25 B!asta
HINT: Please use in store hint giver.

HINT: What's your New Year's Resolution? Will it be sweet and sexy, or are you going for more ELEGANCE?

HINT: Through the looking glass.

And then, it's the Panty Raid Hunt @ Strokerz Sexpo, all on one sim.

SexZ w/ Phat Azz

Pink Sugah

1 Hundred



Beauty is Pain

And the last hunt, Running Out of Time.

# 19 Beautiful Dangerous w/ Phat Azz
HINT: Near the couple in pajamas is where you'll find this gift.

HINT: You won't find me on the floor or a wall, look IN-BETWEEN!

# 41 AlterEgo w/ Phat Azz
HINT: Random Rocks!

HINT: Beckoned to me.


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